Sigg holiday water bottle, $19.00, REI


The Daily Deal for December 5, 2007

I was going to refer you to this Sigg bottle at -- only $18.99 and such a winter-appropriate design! And then I saw the shipping, a whopping $7.99.

While you can't get that exact design at REI, you can get the bottles for $19.00 (a penny more) and the 'Sunray' bottle pictured here looks plenty festive to me. Drinking from a Sigg will not just make your life prettier, but will be better for your body (no danger of chemicals from plastics leeching into your beverage) and the environment (no disposable bottles makes Mother Earth a happy lady).

REI's shipping is $5.99 for this item, but here's a way to really save: pick it up from your local REI store, for free. Maybe you can ride your bike there and just keep on saving money, and the planet.

If you have to have the 'Source of Life' design from's deal of the day, get it here at Massey's Outfitters.