GE microwaves recalled as fire hazard


General Electric has issued a widespread recall for a number of models of microwave/oven combo units sold between January of 2000 and December of 2003. Apparently, the door switch of the microwave can overheat enough to set the plastic on fire. Microwaves, as you know, aren't intended for cooking over an open flame.

The company reports 35 'incidents', although only one resulted in a fire that spread beyond the unit. The units sold under the brand names GE, GE Profile and Kenmore. A full list of the affected models can be found here. The serial numbers can be found in the microwave cooking chamber's left wall.

The company warns owners to stop using the microwave immediately, although they can continue to use the oven section. GE is offering to repair their shoddy equipment for free, or give owners a rebate on a new GE model.

This strikes a sour note with me. When I receive a crappy meal at a restaurant, the last thing I want as redress is a second free meal at the same restaurant. But maybe that's just me.