Cat stroller, $89.99, The Daily Deal for December 1, 2007


There are cat people and dog people, and I'm one of the former. I don't miss strutting through the neighborhood carrying my dog's doo in a plastic bag, but I do envy the regular exercise a diligent dog owner enjoys while taking his/her pooch for a walk.

Lucky for me that has a special, ending Dec. 4, on a cat stroller; $89.99 with $1 shipping. The device, which looks like the product of a mating between a baby stroller and a grocery cart, allows cat owners to take their tabbies out for some air. No, I wouldn't feel foolish pushing around our cats-- would I?

The real question is how our cats would feel about it. My sense is that they have no real interest in being walked around the neighborhood, unless they can kill something along the way. They would be happier if I just bought them a few flies to chase around the house. But Overstock doesn't sell flies.