Google rats out husband's lottery luck


Chalk this up as another piece of evidence that Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and the internet have become shining beacons for justice.

According to the Associated Press, Donna Campbell of Miami was shocked to discover, when she Googled her husband Arnim Ramdass, that he was part of a group of co-workers that won a $19 million lottery jackpot months before. The group chose a lump sum payout, from which Arnim had received $600,000 before taxes.

Campbell became suspicious when Ramdass had their phone disconnected and refused to turn on the television. When the lightbulb in Campbell's head finally flickered on, she queried the internet about her husband.

When she confronted Ramdass about the money, he made a lame excuse that he'd bought the ticket for his daughter by a former wife. Shortly thereafter, he disappeared, just ahead of Campbell's lawsuit to recover her portion of the winnings.

If I was Ramdass, I'd give myself up. He can't hide from Google forever.