Amazon groceries saved me money, gas, time...

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Amazon (NASdAQ: AMZN) logo

In my neverending quest to lower my food intake, I recently became hooked on Wasa Crispbread, cracker-like slices of high-fiber, fat-free bread that are excellent for dips and snacking, and less than 50 calories per slice. However, at my local Kroger's, a pack of 20 sets me back $3.89 or so. Ouch!

So, being a cheapskate, I went to the internet to see how I might feed my new addiction more cheaply, and found a tool I'd forgotten about; Amazon groceries. Yes, the same Amazon that saves me money on my reading habit also offers tens of thousands of dry grocery items. Including my Wasa Crispbread, at $22.63 for 10 packages, or $2.26 per, a savings of $1.63 apiece.

What made the deal even sweeter was that, by adding a couple of packages of Splenda that I needed, the order qualified for free shipping. Adding the time I saved by not driving to the store and the gas I didn't burn, this became quite a nice drop in my food costs.

The next time you're ready to buy a book from Amazon, check out the grocery aisle; you too may find you can save the cost of your read in food discounts.