Sheathe your scissors: Buy coupons online


I'm always on the lookout for cool ways to save money -- and buying coupons on the internet might seem pretty strange. But it's also pretty cool. is a family-run website that sells coupons: you can get hundreds of coupons for hundreds of products. They often have more than 1,000 copies of each coupon available, and the expiration date/terms of the offer are clearly listed.

The minimum order is only $3, but with shipping and a 50 cent processing fee, the site is probably only worthwhile for ordering lots of coupons. But if you find yourself buying the same products regularly (and who doesn't?) you can probably save yourself a ton of money here. The prices per coupon are pretty reasonable -- 50 cents off Dawn Direct Foam costs 5 cents -- if you live in an area where coupons are doubled, that will give you a return on investment of 2,000%. Warren Buffett, eat your heart out!

For my coupon-saving opportunities, check out, which has a pretty cool list of special promotional codes for various retailers:, Kohls and Victoria's Secret, to name a few. They also have a pretty cool coupon blog.