A meaty money-saving tip for the pot-luck season


The holidays can be brutal on your budget, if you answer the call for pot-luck lunches with your crab dip or pistachio-riddled baked goods. Fortunately, there are cheap and creative alternatives. One source is the prize-winning recipes in White Castle's yearly contest for the best cuisine made with their unique take on the hamburger, the onion-infused Slyder.

This year's winner is The Latkes You Crave, a spin on the traditional Eastern European potato cakes. Creator Leslye Louis's dish beat out a recipe for Dim Sum, Castle-style. Many times I've taken my version of a Slyder Classic, which I call Pate d' Chateau Blanc. Simply dump a bag of White Castle hamburgers in a food processor (well, not the bag, or the sleeves; just the edible part inside), blend until it forms a thick paste, form into a log and cover with cream cheese. Serve with bread points and enjoy people's expressions as they devour the canapé, trying to identify the familiar yet elusive flavor.

Other White Castle recipes such as Breakfast Enchiladas, White Castle Souffle and the ever-popular White Castle turkey stuffing can be found on the White Castle web site.