100 trivia team names to take game night to the next level

It's trivia time!

If you and your crew are headed to the corner bar to see how your trivia skills stack up against the rest of the crowd, then you might be on the hunt for a trivia team name.

Because, let's be honest here, it's not just about how much you know about basic facts, movies, music and pop culture. It's also about letting your opponents know who's boss with a clever team name that gives you and your pals next-level status each and every time your squad gets called out for a correct answer.

To help inspire your trivia team name choice, we've collected a comprehensive list of monikers so good, that whichever one you decide on is sure to give you the boost of confidence you need to take home the trivia trophy.

In the collection below, you'll find names inspired by funny puns like “All For Won” and “Brain or Shine.” There are also clever team names including “The Brainy Bunch,” “Sherlock's Home” and “The Buzzwords” among others.

That's not all — the list also includes punny plays on movie quotes, songs, musicians, as well as names inspired by drinks, the pub and just about anything else trivia-related that you can think of.

Whichever you choose, outfitted with a snappy label, you and the rest of your group will go straight to the head of the class on trivia night whether or not you've got all the right answers.

That said, feel free to brush up on your skills with our collection of trivia questions and answers, which you'll find right here.

Now that you're prepped, we wish you the best of luck. Get ready because from here on out, it's game on.

Punny trivia team names

Trivia Team Names
Trivia Team Names
  • Ichabod Brain

  • Fraser Brain

  • All For Won

  • Smart From Scratch

  • Pop Smart

  • The Smart of War

  • Smart Casual

  • Brain or Shine

  • No Brain, No Gain

  • Gang Green

  • Sonic Boomers

  • Gen X-Cellent

  • Reality Bytes

Clever trivia team names

Trivia Team Names
Trivia Team Names
  • The Brainy Bunch

  • Quiz and Tell

  • The Quiznos

  • Sherlock’s Home

  • The Factaholics

  • The Justice League

  • Business As Usual

  • Street Smarts

  • The Buzzwords

  • Better Late Than Clever

  • Clever a Dull Moment

  • It’s Now or Clever

  • The Quizbusters

  • Carpe Triviem

  • Ba-dum-tss

  • The Fripperies

  • The Scintillas

  • Theory of Relatrivia

  • The Wrecking Crew

  • One-Hit Wonders

  • The Fab Five

  • The Brain Trust

  • Insert Your Name Here

Trivia team names inspired by movies

Trivia Team Names
Trivia Team Names
  • The Devil Wears Trivia

  • The Texas Brainsaw Massacre

  • A Quiz Place

  • Fast & Curious

  • O Brother, Where Smart Thou?

  • Smart Trek

  • A Smart is Born

  • Wild at Smart

  • The Big Smart

  • Beauty and the Brain

  • Singin’ in the Brain

  • Purple Brain

  • Rocky Balbrainia

  • The Impastables

  • Smartburn

  • Hasta la Trivia, Baby

  • Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

  • Forrest Grump

  • Get Jurrass-kicked Park

  • We Coulda Been Contenders

  • You Compete Me

  • Nobody Puts Ladies in a Corner

  • A Fish Called Trivia

  • The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness

  • Licensed to Chill

  • Lord of the Dings

  • Buzzer Lightyear

  • The Smartbreak Kid

  • Brains of Glory

Trivia team names inspired by music

Trivia Team Names
Trivia Team Names
  • 'Scuse Me While I Quiz This Guy

  • Botrivian Rhapsody

  • A Total Eclipse of the Smart

  • Caught in a Bad Bromance

  • Smart Garfunkel

  • Oops! ... We Hit it Again

  • You’re So Brain

  • I Want it That Play

  • Destiny’s Wild

  • Gettin’ Trivvy Wit It

  • Free Birds

  • It’s Gonna Be May

  • Trivalicious

  • Matchbox Twenty Questions

  • Flo Trivia

  • Avril LaBrain

  • Daft Spunk

  • Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

  • Smells Like Team Spirit

  • Boom Boom Wow

Trivia team names for the bar

Trivia Team Names
Trivia Team Names
  • Ale in a Day's Work

  • Lager Than Life

  • Deja Brew

  • Innocent Until Proven Whiskey

  • Let the Fun Be Gin

  • Hit Me Baby One More Wine

  • Sippin' Pretty

  • Wine not?

  • A Rosé By Any Other Name

  • Pub Fiction

  • Fight Pub

  • The First Wives Pub

  • The Breakfast Pub

  • Room With a Brew

  • Sip, sip, hooray!

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