Get Ready for These Fall Fruits During the Harvest Season

fall fruits
A Guide to Fall Fruits for the Harvest SeasonElizabeth Fernandez - Getty Images

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Head to the farmers' market in autumn and you'll likely see piles of apples, pears, and pumpkins galore. Even your grocery store might be stocked with bags of cranberries, persimmons, or even fresh figs. It's these fall fruits that get us excited for the start of the harvest season. After all, what better way to embrace the changing leaves and the crisp, cool weather than by baking a seasonal pie or tender cake filled with fresh fall fruits? Just one bite of Ree Drummond's pear crisp or a comforting apple pie and you'll see what we mean.

Wondering what other fruits are in season from September through November? This guide to fall fruits has all the information you need! While some of these fruits make tasty snacks on their own; others would make for delicious baked dessert or add-ins to fall salads. And there are some fall fruits on this list that might just surprise you—did you know that pumpkin is a fruit? Read on for our list of the best fall fruits, including suggestions for using them. After that, you might want to check out our list of winter fruits for the colder months ahead.

Here are more reasons to get excited for fall:


Check out your local apple-picking farm as early as late summer to find the freshest variety of apples. Whether you like them sweet or tart, there are so many types of apples to choose from! Of course, the crisp fruit is great for snacking on or adding to your kid’s lunchbox, but you can also put them to good use by making a cozy apple cobbler, apple-cranberry stuffing, or homemade applesauce.

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fall fruits apples
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From mid to late autumn, this jewel-toned fruit will bring a pop of flavor to anything you add it to! Cut one open and you’ll be surprised to see a cluster of red seeds (or arils) that are juicy, tart, and sweet. Not to mention, they’re good for you, too! Try using them to make pomegranate margaritas or pomegranate sparklers, or toss them with Ree Drummond's beautiful Brussels sprouts recipe to add a nice crunch.

fall fruits pomegranate
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Just like apples, pears are at their peak from late summer through October. And there are tons of varieties that you can choose from. Plus, the juicy fruit can be used for both sweet and savory recipes, like a spiced pear cake or a ham, swiss, and pear panini. Of course, you can always slice up a pear to serve on a charcuterie board! If you happen to find your pears are too hard, don’t worry—they can actually ripen on your countertop after they’re harvested.

fall fruits pears
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Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like cranberries! Harvested in bogs from September through November, this sweet-tart fruit is most commonly used for making cranberry sauce! But they’re also delicious in cranberry-brie bites, cranberry scones, and cranberry martinis.

fall fruits cranberries
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In mid-to-late fall, we start getting into citrus season, including this fun fruit known as kumquats. The mini orange-like fruits have a bold sweet-tart flavor and edible skin so you don't need to peel them! You can eat them whole as a tart snack or cut them in half to add to fresh fruit salads or even sangria!

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Asian Pear

If you love the crunchy texture of an apple but the mildly sweet flavor of a pear, then you should definitely look for Asian Pears on your next grocery shopping trip. You'll want to buy the ones that are firm (not mushy) and you can either eat them on their own or slice them up to add a sweet crunch to fall salads.

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Did you know that this is what fresh dates look like? Most people know about the sweet, sticky dried dates, but if you can find fresh dates during the fall months, it's a fun fruit to try! You can slice them and serve with ricotta cheese on toast and a drizzle of honey.

fall fruits dates
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Kiwi that's grown here in the United States is available from October through May. You'll need to peel the fuzzy skin to reveal the bright green center with sweet-tart flavor. Use it to make Ree's Kiwi Pie!

sliced fresh kiwi fruit on wood table
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While tropical fruits, like guava, might not feel autumnal, they're readily available year-round and their peak season begins in late fall. You can buy unripe guava and allow them to soften on your countertop. Then, cut them up to eat in a tropical fruit salad or turn them into a delicious guava jam!

fall fruits guava
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Figs actually have two seasons: The first is in early summer and the second is in early fall. Between August and October, you can find different types of figs for both sweet and savory preparations. Despite having two seasons, they're both pretty short so look for plump, juicy figs when you can! Then, add to fall salads or a big charcuterie board.

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fall fruits figs
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Nope, those aren't tomatoes! Although they do look very similar, persimmons are a lesser-known fruit that are harvested in October and November. They're more orange in color and have a delicate, mildly sweet flavor that's completely unique. You can slice them up to add to a salad or bake them into pies.

fall fruits persimmon
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There's a reason why the wine harvest happens in fall—it's also when grapes are in season! Later summer to early October, you can find grapes in different varieties. Enjoy them on their own or try roasting grapes for a unique topping to goat cheese crostini. Grapes are also delicious when cut up in Ree's favorite chicken salad.

fall fruits grapes
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Another relative to apples and pears, quince is a bright, golden-yellow fruit that's often hard and not eaten raw. They're best in late fall when they can be cooked into homemade jams.

fall fruits quince
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Nothing says fall quite like pumpkin! The winter squash is actually a type of fruit that's grown on vines and filled with seeds. Though some pumpkin are better for carving and using as decoration, there are plenty of varieties that you can eat! Throughout the fall season, you can use pumpkin in traditional recipes like pumpkin pie and there are also savory pumpkin recipes like pumpkin risotto that are fun to try, too.

fall fruits pumpkin
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Nothing beats the taste of a juicy plum! You'll start to see plums pop up in late summer but their season lasts through October. Try plums in fruity cobbler recipes or elegant tarts.

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fall fruits
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