These 10 Aldi Products Are Customers' Favorites


Aldi asks customers to pick their favorite products annually, with more than 360,000 customers weighing in since the survey began. Here are some customers have praised most from 10 categories in the German-born chain's increasing product selection. Whether you're an Aldi newbie or a seasoned fan, consider putting these crowd pleasers in your cart during your next grocery run.

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Appleton Farms Premium Sliced Bacon

This bacon is in the Cult Favorite category, and not for the first time. Apparently the “premium” part of the label makes a difference. As Aldi Reviewer says, “We like it better than the Appleton Farms Sliced Bacon in the cardboard box, and it cooked up crisply both pan fried and air fried, although the bacon does shrink.”

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Clancy's Kettle Chips

The Stream and Snack category (is this the Aldi version of Netflix and chill?) saw repeat winner Clancy’s Kettle Chips take the crown. This shouldn’t be a big surprise, as Taste of Home named Aldi's store brand the best overall potato chip in a taste test not so long ago.

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Specially Selected Brioche and French Toast Bagels

In the Morning Meeting Must-Have category, these bagels are the winners. They are both so beloved by fans, they’ve even gotten their own memes on Instagram.

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Friendly Farms Almond, Coconut & Oat Milk

These repeat alt-milk winners nailed the Guilt-Free Go-To category. Fans of the brand give the almond, coconut, and oat milk options a thumbs-up for flavor. If you have to pick just one, the Aldi website notes that the oat milk has the most milklike flavor of all milk alternatives.

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Huntington Home 3 Wick Candles

Aldi gives this unexpected find an award in the Guess Who's Back category. These remarkably cheap candles only pop up a few times a year in scents that change with the season, so fans know to keep their eyes open and grab them when they can. At around $4 each, why not?

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Deli Pizza

This repeat winner was given the title of Mama Knows Best, and these pizzas (which come in flavors ranging from Cheeseburger to Five Cheese) are known to sell out early on Friday nights. The Kitchn gives them a very solid review.

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Happy Farms String Cheese

Dubbed a Little Fan Favorite, this cheese is a hit with kids, while parents love the low price ($3 for a dozen). They also tick all the boxes. As Aldi Reviewer says, “The sticks are easy to open, easy to eat, and they taste good, too.”

PurAqua Belle Vie Sparkling Flavored Water

Another repeat winner, this Sip and Celebrate winner is low in price but high in flavor. The Aldi Nerd says, “It tastes as good as LaCroix! No. Joke.”

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Fresh Family Pack Chicken Breasts

In the Dinner Delight category, this family pack of chicken breasts makes the top 10 for some old-fashioned reasons: freshness, price, and quality.


These winners in the Keeping it Fresh category are always a favorite — but Aldi delivers them at low prices, too.

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