Could Your Favorite Color Actually Guide Your Career?

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By Dewey Sadka

Looking for a career or wondering if you've chosen the right one? Consider taking the Dewey Color System test, designed to measure career satisfaction. It lists the top 50 careers suited for you, plus hundreds of related occupations, and career specific organizations. To provide accurate and thorough results, data was obtained from 750,000 CareerBuilder online users.

How To Take The Dewey Color System Test

In order to take the test, you first have to choose the color you like most from yellow, blue and red. Then choose which color you like most from green, purple and orange. Remember your choices and see what your selected combination says about your career prospects:

color test


If you selected yellow and green: Your ability to understand others' viewpoints and diplomatically express your thoughts increases efficiency. You know how to make products, systems, and services best fit the environment.

Make more money by seeking careers where you can assemble support structures or make living situations more comfortable.

Consider niches as in landscape architecture or real estate sales, or consider a career as a counselor, designer or social worker./p>


If you selected yellow and purple: You prefer fast-growing companies with non-repetitive jobs that offer a constant barrage of fresh perspectives and non-stop new tasks. Your ability to communicate with finesse breaks down barriers and opens profitable doors.

Make more money by developing and communicating strategies for project-oriented settings that involve constant change.

Consider niches as a public relations representative, corporate communications manager, youth counselor or radio/TV announcer.


If you selected yellow and orange: You know about the newest available resources, pertinent facts, or innovative ways to solve workday pressures. Your open-minded yet analytical approach creates must-do activities and programs.

Make more money by inventing new ways to market your business, better utilizing resources and talents, or making what you do more efficient.

Consider niches as a statistician, geologist, researcher, librarian or product developer.


If you selected blue and green: You are at your best when you can anchor others with supportive suggestions. Your personable listening skills make you a success with colleagues, customers or clients who trust you with even their most crucial decisions.

Make more money by seeking environments that give you the opportunity to manage people, information or workplace environments.

Consider niches as a writer, actor, accountant, psychologist or departmental manager.


If you selected blue and purple: Use your big-picture thinking to develop new markets, new ideas and new businesses. You can see what's missing and know how to get things done.

Make more money by working in environments where you can organize, develop and bring situations, people or markets together.

Consider niches in advertising and sales or as a public relations representative, trial lawyer or research scientist.


If you choose blue and orange: You're a natural both at developing new products or procedures and delegating tasks. You prefer a busy environment because you enjoy learning. Pressure stimulates you.

Make more money in careers where you can gauge productivity, analyze efficiency, and oversee or implement change.

Consider niches as an operations manager, civil engineer, builder or product salesperson.


If you selected red and green: You know value and how to best use resources to make money. Your practical guidance keeps others focused on the bottom line and expenditures under budget.

Make more money in positions where you decide how to best utilized resources or spend money.

Consider Niches as a securities manager, auditor, banker, teacher, property manager, nurse or surgeon.


If you selected red and purple: When others speak, you sort out the facts from the emotions and establish a step-by-step action plan. You know how to calm those around you and offer quick solutions.

Make more money by selecting work environments where you're in control of all necessary resources and can offer win-win suggestions.

Consider niches as a human resources interviewer/manager, event planner, editor or executive assistant.


If you selected red and orange: You use facts compiled from past mistakes and successes to deliver strong opinions that are hard to refute. Others learn invaluable information from your critiques about the efficiency of a project.

Make more money in areas where you can sail your own ship by constantly examining, in detail, what needs to be done and express your opinion when things go off course.

Consider niches as a budget analyst, computer support specialist, production manager, manufacturing manager or business owner.

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