Russia, China will try to shape outcome of 2020 election, warns U.S. spy chief Getty Images
Ex-team employee indicted for giving drugs that led to pitcher's 2019 death AP
'Sophisticated' smuggling tunnel found at U.S.-Mexico border AP
Study reveals stunning racial disparity in city's traffic stops Getty Images
Comedian Andy Dick sues man who punched him Getty Images
Trump mocked for mispronouncing 'Thailand' AP
Cruise ship captain abandoned course after seeing flash Getty Images
40 vinyl records that are worth a fortune today Wikipedia
How 6 shipwrecked boys survived 15 months on deserted island Getty Images
Family calls cops when an animal shows up at door Facebook
Solution that may actually stop spread of virus AP
This face could be the face of a major historical figure Pinterest
Family's lost dog turns up 7 years later with odd companion Getty Images
Former Florida State star Michael Ojo dies at 27 Getty Images
The greatest guitarists of all time, ranked Wikimedia
20 American habits that baffle the rest of the world Getty Images
'Trolls' doll pulled from shelves after parents' complaints AP
Cow that leaps from moving truck is on a mission Getty Images
Which celebrity has the highest IQ score? Getty Images
College basketball coach fired amid abuse allegations AP
Grandma searching for lost toddler realizes dog may lead to answer Facebook
This new dog breed may be the cutest in the world YouTube
Violent clashes ratchet up tensions in Portland AP
Penguins have dangerous 'trait' that could affect the planet Getty Images
Teen football team makes bold move during a roadside emergency Getty Images
Top Dem responds to Trump's threat about virus aid Getty Images
Pet tortoise vanishes for years until family hears noise in closet Getty Images
These are Bill Gates' smartphone 'rules' for his kids at home Getty Images
Tom Brady fans in shock over his phone choice Getty Images
Dog breeds that have the longest life expectancy Pinterest
These are the 25 most expensive movie & TV cars IMDb
Gov. Cuomo makes controversial call about N.Y. schools Getty Images
People who retire comfortably avoid these 7 mistakes Getty Images
Hot dog brands you should — and maybe shouldn't — buy Getty Images
President Trump says Joe Biden is 'against God' Getty Images
New report warns of potential marijuana dangers Getty Images
Moment Gwyneth Paltrow knew her marriage was over Getty Images
NFL player charged with armed robbery, faces 10 years behind bars AP
Video seems to show MLB coach making Nazi salute Getty Images
16 killed, dozens hurt as plane skids off India runway AP
City's top cop demoted by unanimous vote Getty Images
Court revives case against former WH attorney McGahn Getty Images
Virus relief talks on brink of collapse, sides 'far apart' Getty Images
This could be the first state to decriminalize drugs Getty Images
Will getting Kanye on the ballot really slow down Biden? AP
1 reason some Americans could lose unemployment benefits Getty Images
Seth Rogen's Israel comments spark uproar Getty Images
Melissa Etheridge opens up about son's death Getty Images
Oprah erects billboards around Louisville, Ky. instagram
Facebook deals blow to QAnon conspiracy group Getty Images
Severe weather to threaten millions in central U.S. Getty Images
Activists demand justice in Black N.C. suspect's death AP
Rescuers recover more bodies days after deadly blast AP
Actor defends decision to support embattled TV host Getty Images
Joe Biden says he is open to scrapping filibuster Getty Images
Searches for floral face masks surge 185% amid Kate Middleton’s outings AFP via Getty Images
Why now is the perfect time to hire a real estate agent Getty Images
Lord & Taylor, Men's Wearhouse owner file for bankruptcy AP
WHO pleads with world's youth: 'Do you really need to party?' Getty Images
Trump prohibits dealings with Chinese owners of TikTok, WeChat Getty Images
U.S. food banks see unprecedented surge in demand AP
Economy added back 1.8 million payrolls in July Getty Images
Hotels criticized for taking virus money face investigation Getty Images
Michigan county official blames Black people for virus, uses racial slur AP

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