Trump defenders severely tested by public hearings AP
Kraft blasts Trump's 'divisive' rhetoric in released audio Getty Images
Trump goes on offensive in Fox News interview Getty Images
School shooting casts light on murky 'ghost gun' world AP
Dog puts car in reverse and drives it in circles for an hour Fox
'Top Chef' host shares nude photo from bathtub Instagram
She took this common drug, then her blood turned blue Instagram
Former Fox News host Shep Smith breaks silence Getty Images
Kathie Lee Gifford admits she moved because she was 'dying of loneliness' Getty Images
Funny teachers who know how to get the last laugh Imgur
Jenna Bush just received one last present from grandma Barbara Getty Images
Look at The Last Supper -- this one detail will stun you JOHN THYS via Getty Images
Susan Sarandon's latest Instagram photos spark concern with fans Instagram
Principal bans girl from picture day for outrageous reason YouTube
'Wheel of Fortune' fans slam 'utterly ridiculous' rule Getty Images
Jaw-dropping Mount Zion discovery proves Bible to be true Twitter
Trump: Kellyanne 'must have done some bad things' to George Conway Reuters
Mom who lost baby is distraught until nurses make dramatic move Pinterest
Joe Giudice leaves raunchy comment on wife Teresa's latest Instagram pic Getty Images
Pilot runs out of fuel at 41,000 feet, has only one choice Flickr
Joe Biden snaps at Fox News reporter in tense exchange Fox News
Lost girl shocks police with a strange message about her mom Imgur
This 6-piece set of bamboo sheets is majorly discounted Sponsored
28 abnormally giant animals that really exist Imgur
What the Queen thinks of Prince Andrew's scandal Getty Images
Feral dogs surrounding a child make a shocking move pixelfusion3d via Getty Images
Garrett says he was told slur accusation wouldn't go public AP
Chilling new photos of Liza Minnelli's abandoned mansion Imgur
Obama tells Democrats to 'chill out' Reuters
Try not to laugh at these hilarious dramatic cats Imgur
Tim Tebow posts emotional video of dog's final moments Getty Images
Dental makeover leaves boy totally unrecognizable YouTube
Chefs: Don't serve this popular dish on Thanksgiving Getty Images
This Machu Picchu discovery explains everything Bérenger Zyla via Getty Images
Former FBI staffer 'altered document in Russia probe' Getty Images
'Innocent' photo of a teen athlete erupts into scandal Tumblr
Toxic Thanksgiving food can be deadly for your dog Getty
Innocent trip to grandma's ends in a family feud heidijpix via Getty Images
This is the car that depreciates the least in 5 years Reuters
What's under this island will send shivers up your spine Facebook
Why Princess Charlotte never strays from this fashion staple Getty
Seth uncovered layers of deceit in this crooked 'HOA' Luis Alvarez via Getty Images
'Law & Order' star allegedly told ex she'd kill him and his dog Getty Images
Expert digs at King Tut’s tomb, jaw drops as sand shifts Twitter
Duggars deny raid by Homeland Security at home Getty Images
25 hotel room hacks you'll wish you knew before Imgur
Hemsworth family member says Liam 'deserves much better' than Miley Getty Images
More people are cutting up pool noodles for one genius hack Josie Elias via Getty Images
Carrie Ann Inaba 'vomited' after 'DWTS' elimination Getty Images
This trucker managed to get revenge on his boss kali9 via Getty Images
Tesla's Cybertruck has 3 motors and armored glass Getty Images
Home hacks you'll wish you knew about sooner Imgur
New statue of baby Jesus looks instead like singer Phil Collins in the '80s Getty Images
Invisible ingredient in coffee is making people give it up Hero Images via Getty Images
This affordable backpack is going viral due to one incredible feature Sponsored
Hilarious puppy photos that will make your day Imgur
Julianne Hough sets red carpet on fire in sequin mini dress: 'You look radiant' Getty Images
What’s hidden in this da Vinci painting will stun you Facebook
Kylie Jenner stuns fans with latest business move Getty Images
Here are the celebrities who are out and proud Imgur
Attorney general offers explanation of Epstein suicide Reuters
Missing teen boy emerges from woods after 11 days Getty
Man shot on tarmac of Vegas airport after attacking cops NBC
Decades-old case goes cold until grim detail is found in yard YouTube
Trump doubles down on debunked conspiracy theory Getty Images
Stumped doctors remove hundreds of 'treasures' from boy's mouth Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Scooter Braun makes impassioned plea to Taylor Swift AP
20 foods people put in the fridge that shouldn't ever go there Pinterest
NFL legend who invented famed football toy dies Getty Images
Shopping girl's wild  demand forces workers to call a manager Facebook
17 early Black Friday sales we're shopping right now Getty Images
Woman humiliated by incident at Chuck E. Cheese NurPhoto via Getty Images
'How to Get Away With Murder' kills off main character Getty Images
Hidden details in the most famous paintings are finally exposed MIGUEL MEDINA via Getty Images
Meet America’s only ever lesbian First Lady Alex Wong via Getty Images

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