Trump pollsters the scapegoats after bad numbers leak AP
Harvard rescinds offer to Parkland shooting survivor Getty Images
Nearly 50 Jimmy Buffett fans fall ill at Dominican hotel Facebook
What's to blame for Walmart beginning to close stores? Getty Images
Family pleads guilty to Masters ticket scam charges Getty Images
Prince Philip told Harry not to marry Meghan: report Getty Images
Major royal to skip out on baby Archie's christening PA
Flight attendant thrown to ceiling by violent turbulence Storyful
How bad is it to not wash your sheets every week? Getty Images
Border patrol opening suspicious bag finds chilling contents YouTube
Emily Ratajkowski dons teeniest bikini yet on Instagram Instagram
She never told her boyfriend that she was bringing this sign Twitter
Concerning video of Harry reportedly 'scolding' Meghan emerges IPx
Tube found on old shipwreck has impossible contents Twitter
Eric Dane discusses his full-frontal nude scene in new show Getty Images
The most mesmerizing animal photos Reddit
Anderson Cooper narrates touching eulogy for Gloria Vanderbilt: Watch Getty Images
Will is brokering peace between Kate and powerful figure Facebook
Lady Gaga kisses married man after shocking split Getty Images
Studio 54 photos and the debauchery that ensued Reddit
This chic leather wallet features a secret hidden iPhone charger Joyus
Unusual dog saved from river puts vets on high alert YouTube
Sinkhole suddenly swallows truck in shocking clip Newsflare
30 abandoned stadiums left  by owners to rot Twitter
20 things you'll no longer see in malls across America Getty
Man's odd request at animal shelter has powerful effect YouTube
These are 8 of the best restaurants to eat at in Las Vegas Getty Images
Workers open ancient grave and make a shocking discovery YouTube
'Depressing' photos show haunting truth for one retailer Business Insider
Instagram model exposed as fraud in creepy turn of events Instagram
Kate Middleton steals the show at royal-packed ceremony Getty Images
Unexpected sign of dehydration you should know Getty
Woman covers her face with hundreds of these insects Newsflare
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Ball's odd comment to female TV host raises eyebrows Getty Images
20 super rich people that never graduated from high school Pinterest
Longtime ’60 Minutes’ producer dies at age 45 CBS
Winona Ryder claims she's been married to Keanu Reeves Kevin Winter via Getty Images
Inside Giada De Laurentiis' shady double life Johnny Louis via Getty Images
60 vintage photos from forgotten moments of the past Pinterest
Six vehicles that are the most likely to hit 300,000 miles Ford
Abandoned home investigated after 9,000 turtles appeared Leanne Ashford / EyeEm via Getty Images
This car loses value faster than any other in America Acura
Remember the Olsen twins? Wait till you see them today SGranitz via Getty Images
Indian 'Houdini' dies during botched underwater stunt Getty Images
20 royal jewels that are rarely seen in public Pool via Getty Images
Masked gunman killed in shootout near courthouse AP
54 vintage photos that unexpectedly captured it all Pinterest
Bella Thorne posts nude photos to thwart hacker Getty Images
Rule you should follow at breakfast to keep off the extra pounds Getty Images
Bill Cosby's Father's Day message sends Twitter into frenzy AP
Nuclear town unihabitable for the next 200,000 years SERGEI SUPINSKY via Getty Images
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos reveal kid walked in on them in bed: Clip YouTube
20 cars that are so fast they should be illegal to own Martyn Lucy via Getty Images
Jennifer Lopez posts Father's Day pics of A-Rod with her ex-husband Getty Images
Bizarre photos and the remarkable stories behind them Reddit
David Ortiz's daughter reveals his poignant comment on Father's Day Getty Images
Don't feel bad about ditching these supplements Getty Images
Mitch McConnell dismisses Jon Stewart's testimony Getty Images
Couple gets a makeover for their 50th anniversary YouTube
These are the best bug sprays to keep the mosquitoes away Getty Images
Quiz: name the U.S. state based off a single clue scyther5 via Getty Images
Pamela Anderson, 51, 'still the hottest' in new swimsuit pic Getty Images
Teen prodigy makes controversial move and flees country YouTube
Shark attacks young boy off North Carolina coast Getty Images
Husband snaps shocking photo after his wife gives birth Getty
This surprising car could be making a comeback Hummer
Bradley Cooper stole this key trick from his costar Pinterest
A look inside the tragic life of Stephen Colbert CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images
Optical illusions that prove you can't trust your eyes Reddit
Impossible shots won the U.S. Open for Woodland Getty Images
How the NBA would look if players played for their hometowns Ezra Shaw via Getty Images
Gloria Vanderbilt, socialite and designer, dies at 95 Getty Images
Sailor's scuffle with teenagers changed American history Pinterest
Reason why Melania is rarely seen without her sunglasses on Getty

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