Nearly 1,300 people unaccounted for in California wildfires AP
Republican group launches critical ad targeting acting AG Getty
Migrant caravan reaches Mexico-U.S. border town Getty
What Khashoggi's killers may have done with his body AP
Favorites to sign Le'Veon Bell next season released Getty Images
Miley Cyrus drops jaws with see-through bottom Reuters
Grandfather feels sick after reading revolting note on restaurant receipt Getty
These items at the dollar store are shocking steals Getty Images
Country star shows major skin in sexy CMAs gown: Pics Getty Images
FBI demolishes wall in suspect's home, confirms worst fear Getty
This is the No. 1 food that will make you gain weight saje
Full list of retailers that will be closed on Thanksgiving Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe's grave gets strange visitor decades later Boredom Therapy
Least expensive grocery store in America revealed Getty
Workers prying open tomb greeted with chilling find Boredom Therapy
Take this quiz to find out if you're a 'true' Baby Boomer Getty
Newsom, Trump encounter sets the internet in a frenzy AP
Missing teen reappears 5 years later during own murder trial Boredom Therapy
'Shark Tank' reject now player in $19 trillion market Getty
The cost of living is skyrocketing in these 20 U.S. cities Getty Images
Twins separated at birth meet -- and discover their chilling past Boredom Therapy
This celeb-favorite beauty serum is 90 percent off Getty
14 slow cooker meals for easy weeknight dinners Getty
Mom's ultrasound reveals horrifying medical mystery Facebook
The top-selling phone of all time may surprise you Reuters
How to easily clean smelly outdoor trash containers Alamy
Carrie's nearly-nude gown showed off more than she wanted Getty
This is the key to picking out the perfect cantaloupe Getty Images
Worst HGTV shows revealed in new ranking Getty
There's a scientific reason why your cat seems to have a real personality Getty Images
Simple trick can help you find better thrift store items Getty
Conway: Trump may shut down gov't over one item AP
City's attempt to break world record ends in calamity YouTube
US city recorded a temperature of 80 degrees below zero Reuters
Odd circumstances turns 23-year-old into a grandfather Facebook
The 7 breast cancer-causing carcinogens you should be avoiding Getty
Monica Lewinsky reveals if she and Bill Clinton hooked up in Oval Office Getty Images
Little-known facts about legendary outlaw Billy the Kid AP
Illegal job interview question you never have to answer Getty
Most popular actor over 70 beat out Stallone for  No. 1 Getty
Target to open stores earlier than ever for holidays Getty Images
Dentists reveal top things patients do that drive them wild Getty
States where Social Security benefits are not taxed Getty
Family racing from tornado runs into even more danger Getty
Even people born in the 1970's can't pass this one quiz Getty
Famous face shocks Calif. firefighters with gourmet meal AP
US city's median household income tops $220,000 Getty
Parents wouldn't dare do these things nowadays Getty
These haunting and rare last pictures of Romanovs are a must-see Getty Images
Celebrity chefs who have made unsavory moves Getty
Biden welcomes a cute new member to the family AP
City adding the most jobs that no one wants AP
Over 50? This is the No. 1 food you should avoid Getty
Small island has one of the strongest, powerful militaries in the world Getty Images
Shocking number of Americans won't get Social Security Getty
Ariel Winter's lace lingerie look at party leaves little to the imagination Getty
Celebrated author once preformed a show in black face Getty Images
3 Social Security mistakes that will cost you a fortune Getty
Profession with highest divorce rate may surprise you Getty
Simple change can help patients with bipolar disorder lower risk of mania Getty
Kourtney K. leaves little to imagination in cleavage-baring top at event with ex Getty Images
GoPro-wearing dog attacked by wolves gets crazy footage Getty
Man finds box from 1940s in attic hiding literal treasure Getty
Lost dog meets a pack of coyotes and result leaves experts baffled Getty
10 things we'll never be able to forgive Prince Charles for Getty Images
A-list star says she 'would throw up' if she met face-to-face with Trump Getty Images
Rescuers get stray dog to come, then realize what's behind her Getty
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