Court halts order for masks at Texas polling places Getty Images
White supremacists accused of intimidating family Getty Images
Wedding, birthday party lead to 56 COVID-19 cases NBC News
Bruce Springsteen calls for voters to cast an 'exorcism' to oust Trump Getty Images
Cowboys owner blames player's weight for release Getty Images
Khloé defends Kim's controversial birthday getaway: 'People were upset' Getty Images
Carlson mocked as his conspiracy theory falls apart AP
TV exec reveals the real reason behind 'Bachelorette' exit Getty Images
Movie star spotted wandering around with homeless man Srdjanns74 via Getty Images
Wild West hygiene practices that will make you grimace Getty Images
Wisconsin GOP: Hackers stole $2.3M from Trump reelection account Getty Images
Chaos erupts midair after pilot gets into fight with coworker Brian Stablyk via Getty Images
20 magic eraser hacks you may not know about Getty Images
Rival rallies expose candidates' dueling versions of reality AP
Neil Young finally opens up about his secret love Ebet Roberts via Getty Images
UFO hunters spotted mysterious shape on NASA live stream Getty Images
AOC on struggling to fit into her professional environment Getty Images
Woman followed by wolf in woods made a genius escape move Getty Images
Facial reconstruction confirms Raphael’s true identity Getty Images
Golf legend tweets endorsement of President Trump AP
Man who bought used baseball bat spotted valuable inscription Getty Images
Truth behind this iconic photograph changes everything Getty Images
FBI warns of 'imminent ... threat to U.S. hospitals' AP
Inconcievable facts about the Great Depression Getty Images
The net worth of each member in the royal family Getty Images
Joe Biden vows to pass Equality Act in first 100 days Getty Images
What NASA actually knew about odd object that fell from the sky Getty Images
1960s CIA agent exposed Area 51's darkest secrets Getty Images
Dodgers star brilliantly trolls MLB commissioner Getty Images
William keeps Diana's memory alive with moving tradition Getty Images
Meghan Markle wins bid to delay court battle Getty Images
Trump paints apocalyptic portrait of life under Biden AP
3 people killed in terror attack in French city of Nice Getty Images
Biden blasts Trump for Omaha rally that left supporters stranded in the cold Getty Images
Author behind anonymous Trump op-ed IDs himself Getty Images
Rep. Ocasio-Cortez gets candid in new interview with Vanity Fair Getty Images
Lawyers: Cop video of deadly shooting suggests coverup AP
What exactly is 'Bidencare,' and how would it work? AP
How does the coronavirus damage the heart? Getty Images
SCOTUS rejects GOP bid on N.C. ballot deadline Getty Images
MLB to investigate Turner's actions during celebration AP
Don't blame the analytics — blame the Tampa Bay Rays Getty Images
Not 'too much diva' anymore: Arians says Antonio Brown 'looks fantastic' AP
2 dead after Hurricane Zeta hammers Louisiana Getty Images
Election 'in even more precarious situation than 2016' Getty Images
WH admits boast of 'ending' COVID-19 was 'poorly worded' Getty Images
Baker Mayfield rips 'insensitive' question about Odell Beckham Jr. Getty Images
Dumbbells are finally back in stock! Here's where to get them Getty Images
Pandemic spurs new demographic of poll workers AP
Get 2 months of Kindle Unlimited for just $5 Getty Images
Americans turning to free clinics amid loss of employer-sponsored plans Reuters
U.S. Gulf Coast energy complex braces for storm Reuters
Adult film actor hit with more sex assault charges Getty Images

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