Dramatic shift in Jussie Smollett investigation AP
Ocasio-Cortez takes unusual step in Bronx return AP
Trump claims Obama was close to starting 'big war' AP
Singer Miranda Lambert secretly ties the knot AP
State Dept.: Nauert out as pick for U.N. ambassador Getty
NBC announces long-running show will end after 17 years on the air Getty Images
Years after boy vanished, cops get tip about grandma's unusual house Boredom Therapy
Iconic American eatery is struggling to woo costumers Getty Images
These photos of Meghan Markle have people talking Jeff Spicer via Getty Images
Homeless man's breakfast order landed him in jail Boredom Therapy
Jennifer Garner shuts down red carpet in skintight mini dress Getty
Clint Eastwood appeared in public with his secret child Kevin Winter via Getty Images
Here's what led to Tom Selleck's exit from the Hollywood scene AP
Stray dog with 2 mouths finds her forever home Instagram
After police entered her diner, this waitress sensed something was very wrong Bloomberg via Getty Images
Young woman dies moments after kiss from her boyfriend Facebook
Inside the lives and deaths of 'Hogan's Heroes' cast Getty Images
Willow Smith shocks mother with painful secret Getty
Jennifer Lopez is practicing her pole dancing at home: Watch the clip ABC / YouTube
Panicked elephant begs for help after shocking incident Aware Trust Zimbabwe
Mom left girls with sick dad, then looked in backyard Anatoliy Sizov via Getty Images
The best foods to eat if you have high blood pressure Getty
Mom writes emotional note to ex's new girlfriend Facebook/Audrey Nicole
Below-the-belt blow ends MMA bout in 15 seconds AP
Perfect tiny home for you based on your zodiac sign Getty
Breakfast staple that can drastically increase liver health Getty Images
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Most controversial Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photos Instagram
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Two foods found to help give kids a boost in height Getty
These hopeless home renovations need 'Fixer Upper' Getty Images
'Bruce' ranked big for baby names following 1976 Olympics Getty
Popular burger chain faces massive closures in the U.S. Getty
Report: Jackie Kennedy's younger sister dies at 85 AP
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6 surprising ways that dogs shows you they love you Getty Images
Companies that use packaging to trick customers Reddit
21 most important inventions of the 21st century Getty Images
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Cities with the most smokers in America revealed in list Getty
New list reveals the 15 most sinful cities in the United States Getty
These clever sports signs will have you cracking up Getty
New details on Illinois warehouse gunman emerge AP
Simple activity can drastically reduce risk of dementia Getty
No. 1 way to protect your portfolio if there's a recession Getty Images
Shocking detail on your hand can reveal 'fatal' disease Getty Images
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NBA star stands with 'Kaep' after NFL settlement AP
9 unlikely things you didn't know were tax deductions Getty Images
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