Governor: Medical vendors told not to supply my state ASSOCIATED PRESS
NBA owner's massive donation to coronavirus relief AP
CDC: Here's what to do when you first notice symptoms of COVID-19 Getty Images
Woman's 'twisted prank' costs grocery store $35K Gerrity's Supermarkets via Facebook
Odds reveal most likely team to sign Cam Newton Getty Images
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2-year-old found in woods has unimaginable story for rescuers picture alliance via Getty Images
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The 40 smartest dog breeds you can own Arterra via Getty Images
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Put a brick in your bathroom for this genius reason Pinterest
Dog excited to go to the park gets the ultimate betrayal Reddit
Ford announces return of controversial vehicle in 2020 Jean-Marc Giboux via Getty Images
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Grandparents' garage concealed shocking treasure Imgur
20 simple habits people who've aged gracefully swear by Education Images via Getty Images
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Fact-checking Trump's virus claims about China Getty Images
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20 ancient Greek inventions that changed  our world forever Imgur
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Kate Gosselin has allegedly made ‘no attempt’ to regain custody Getty Images
Scammers escaped justice for years using 1 simple trick Facebook
Actress opens up about parenting a transgender child Getty Images
Meghan Markle's 1st post-royal gig revealed Getty Images
Kind soul shocked to discover dog in terrifying condition SPCA Serving Eerie County
After divorce, man mows ex-wife’s lawn for 28 years Getty Images
Hidden details from 'Harry Potter' films exposed Martin Fraser via Getty Images
Lenny Kravitz opened up about co-parenting with Jason Momoa Getty Images
Reports: Hanks, Wilson back in L.A. after fighting virus Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images
Genius hacks for getting more space in your bedroom Imgur
Actor pays $25K a month in support for a child he’s never met Getty Images
Cars that were left to rot on the side of the road Pinterest
Workers find purse high school student lost in 1954 Facebook
See this disturbing X-ray and you'll never put your feet on a car dash again imagedepotpro via Getty Images
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This luxurious new crossover could be the best family car Volvo
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7 meals you can make with a bag of baby spinach Getty Images
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Reports: LeBron James sued over social media post AP
Lack of social distancing leads to closure of parks, trails and beaches Getty Images
In reversal, Trump uses federal act for coronavirus aid AP
Man sick of lowball offers destroys his Dodge Charger YouTube
This reusable paper towel sheet lasts for an entire week Food52
The 5 U.S. states where AI jobs are growing the fastest Getty Images
Gwyneth Paltrow says this Goop product's 'results are instantaneous' Goop
What it's like to lose your ability to taste or smell Hinterhaus Productions via Getty Images
These bread makers will help you make the perfect loaf Walmart
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Supergoop releases a new SPF that produces  a glowy finish Sephora
Poll reveals grim number of U.S. jobs lost or furloughed ASSOCIATED PRESS
This wool sock will help your avocados ripen faster Avocado Sock
What to do if you've already filed a tax extension Getty Images
How to determine what taxes to pay and when Getty Images
Bizarre case of zip ties appearing on cars draw strange meaning Facebook

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