Trump reveals his top Democrat picks for 2020 race AP
How Mueller kept a lid on Trump-Russia investigation AP
ISIS defeated, U.S.-backed force in Syria says AP
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Cinderella teams have rocked every tourney since 1985 Getty Images
Man makes chilling confession about infamous disaster Education Images/UIG via Getty Images
Experts found 1,500-year-old painting of Jesus DEA / ARCHIVIO J. LANGE via Getty Images
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Controversial truth behind the popular show 'Alaskan Bush People' Getty
Every royal, from the queen to Kate, is obsessed with these shoes Getty Images
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Waitress serving 3 men looks at bill and bursts into tears Getty
26 cars so hot they're running out of stock in America Getty Images
Mom spots detail on foster baby that upends her life Facebook
Memoir reveals shocking treatment by network execs Getty
Rosanne Barr says former co-star 'destroyed my life' Getty Images
Rescuers saving a dog spot huge creature behind him Getty
This 6-piece set of bamboo luxe sheets is majorly discounted Sponsored
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Community bands together to give a 6-year-old a birthday do-over Instagram
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Simple exercise is life-threatening if you're over 50 Getty
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Jury acquits white Pa. cop in shooting of black teenager AP
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Seemingly safe item actually ruins the inside of a dryer Getty
The coldest places on earth where people live Getty Images
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Parenting hacks that are both useful and hilarious Instagram
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Jack the Ripper's true identity may be exposed Facebook
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Priscilla Presley on rumors of her failing health: 'Don't plan my funeral just yet' Getty Images
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ABC reveals the fate of season 2 of 'The Conners' Getty Images
Paris Jackson steps out with boyfriend amid suicide report Getty Images
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