Senator Kamala Harris announces plans for 2020 bid AP
Trump could face a super-wealthy challenger in 2020 AP
'Fox & Friends' sorry for graphic on Ruth Bader Ginsburg Getty Images
Police warn Prince Philip to buckle up after wreck AP
Report: Pacquiao may have suffered serious injury AP
15 biggest money mistakes Warren Buffett has made AP
Soaking your feet in tonic water has wild health benefits Wikimedia Commons/Splarka
Popular burger chain faces massive closures in the U.S. Getty
Girl makes stunning realization while out on first date Deadline News
Trump's must-read stance on Social Security in the US Reuters
Christie Brinkley, 64, is a total vision in skintight white mini dress: Pics Getty Images
Man's mysterious death continues to baffle authorities Greater Manchester Police
Rare instances of Kate Middleton not being camera ready Getty Images
Student defends his actions as more footage emerges AP
Odd optical illusion has the internet completely baffled Imgur
Horrifying signs the FBI is secretly watching you Getty
Brutal offsides penalty decides Chiefs' season Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Can you solve this near-impossible math problem? Junkhost
Most Americans aren't able to pass this very basic geography quiz Getty
Payton reveals top referee told him 'we messed it up' Reuters
This rival Dyson hairdryer is over half off right now Joyus
Phenomenon takes hundreds of lives every single year Getty
20 of the best dog breeds for your golden years Getty
Trump allegedly obsessed with one part of newscasts Yuri Gripas / Reuters
Woman's perfect selfie ruined by unbelievable visitor Instagram
Early symptom may mean you have  a deadly liver disease Getty
Fox News anchor challenges Pence over shutdown AP
Pup is adorably delighted with his new friend Courtesy
Offensive vintage ads that you'd never see today Flickr
People who bet on Trump lying during address won big Getty Images
Seemingly safe item actually ruins the inside of a dryer Getty
10 human foods you can actually share with your dog Getty
Experts are calling one iconic retailer a 'dumpster fire' Getty Images
25 celebrities you might not realize identify as black Getty Images
State's school system is rated worst in the nation Getty Images
Carrie's nearly-nude gown showed off more than she wanted Getty
You grew up in the 1970s, but can you pass this pop culture quiz? Getty
The cause of your breathing problems may be right in your laundry room Getty
Update emerges on Jeff Bezos and his alleged mistress Getty Images
'Fixer Upper' fans shocked by this new picture of baby Crew Getty Images
Experts: Early symptom of lung cancer is often overlooked Getty Images
3 surprising Social Security benefits you can get Getty
Scientist who gene-edited babies fired by university Reuters
The No. 1 most controversial TV show of all time is ... A&E
City adding the most jobs that no one wants AP
Nightmare flight sits on frigid runway for more than 14 hours NurPhoto via Getty Images
Popular U.S. tourist destination may run out of clean water Getty Images
The rest of this newborn photo shoot just took an unexpected twist Getty
Millions of people are excited about this new sports car Toyota
13 subtle symptoms of lung cancer to look out for Getty
Can you guess the future US president? Getty
U.S. grocer eyes closed Sears stores for expansion Getty Images
Most Americans don't know what to do with savings Getty Images
10 dark parenting truths no one ever discusses out loud Getty
Instant Pot recipes helps woman lose 125 pounds in a year Today Show
These parents went way, way too far with their kids' costumes Getty
3 industries to own if the stock market continues to slide Getty Images
Surprising car that owners sell within the first year Subaru
Where you'll spend the most on child care in each state Getty
Rescuer gets frantic call about situation he's never seen Honest to Paws
11 things you should never, ever buy at Trader Joe’s Getty Images
People see puppy crawl out of woods, realize she needs help Getty
Videos of babies meeting puppies will melt your heart YouTube
Heartbreaking reason Charles didn’t marry Camilla in the first place Getty
Elizabeth Hurley left little to the imagination in see-through mini dress Getty
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