Senate turns up the heat on Trump after Saudi statement Getty Images
Trump changes stance on visiting troops in war zone AP
Venus agrees to legal settlement over fatal car crash Getty
Robert De Niro splits with wife after 21 years AP
Serial 'Dine and Dash Dater' gets serving of justice Yahoo
We've got bad news if your dog sleeps with you Getty
Grandfather feels sick after reading revolting note on restaurant receipt Getty
Man finds decades old box hiding an incredible fortune Getty
CBS cancels drama series after two seasons on air Getty Images
Boy claiming he’s from Mars makes apocalyptic omen Getty
Melania Trump's wedding gown cost nearly $200,000: See the photos AP
Melania's look at the WH turkey pardoning goes viral for one reason Getty Images
Dad sees couple staring at his baby, then gets odd note Facebook
Lottery winners buy mansion with disastrous results Getty
Fan-favorite actress joins roster of stars on 'The Conners' Getty Images
Missing teen reappears 5 years later during own murder trial Boredom Therapy
Scientists get chills after seeing the wall of an ancient cave Getty
2 kids and 2 adults found dead at burning mansion AP
Popular high-paying job will disappear in the next 10 years Getty
Teacher facing parent complaints is stunned by one dad's words Boredom Therapy
Court docs detail alleged assault by Michael Avenatti Reuters
The absolute best state in America for retirees is ... Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe's grave gets strange visitor decades later Boredom Therapy
Experts call for hand dryer ban as dangers emerge Getty
'Cheap' item at Costco is a actually a complete scam Getty
People are putting  soap under sheets for genius purpose Getty Images
59-year-old lottery winner pleads guilty to major crime AP
Here's what life is really like for these conjoined twins YouTube
Trump picks himself to receive prestigious honor Reuters
FBI demolishes wall in suspect's home, confirms worst fear Getty
See how Maxim's 'Hot 100' girls have changed with age Getty
Trump defends daughter Ivanka amid email scandal AP
Odd circumstances turns 23-year-old into a grandfather Facebook
Common piece of gym equipment sends large number of people to ER Getty
Famous actor tries coffee, a bagel for the first time at 60-years-old: Watch! Getty Images
Woman seeing doctor for weird stomach pains gets grave news Boredom Therapy
This is the No. 1 food that will make you gain weight saje
You need to break this bathroom habit immediately Getty
Couple's 'perfect' relationship begins to unravel with a dark turn Boredom Therapy
What most people never realized about Freddie Mercury Getty Images
Full list of grocery stores that will be open Thanksgiving Getty Images
Dramatic video shows traffic-stop shootout up close Washington County Sheriff's Department
Twins separated at birth meet -- and discover their chilling past Boredom Therapy
10 alternative Christmas tree decoration ideas Getty
This minivan may be the coolest new car coming soon Getty
Historic pics prove it's a miracle the human race has survived Boredom Therapy
Hilarious Facebook fails will have you rolling with laughter Facebook
Trump reportedly aimed to prosecute two political rivals AP
10 hearty recipes to make during cold weather season Getty
Flight attendants expose foods to never eat onboard BraunS
Homeland Security plants informants in migrant caravan GETTY IMAGES
Transform your space with this unbelievable DIY Getty
Amateur treasure hunter detects the find of a lifetime Getty
Chefs: Don't serve this popular dish on Thanksgiving Getty Images
How this breakfast food may help your hair loss problems Getty
Ranking the most profound moments throughout history Getty
Largest pit bull in the world weighs a shocking amount Instagram/iam_thehulk
Foods that people over 50 should avoid eating Getty
Warning signs of metastatic breast cancer you should never ignore Getty
28 restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving PA Images
Amount you should be saving monthly for retirement Getty Images
Hacks for aluminum foil will save you time in the kitchen Getty
We still can't get over the Trumps' intricate Christmas decorations in 2017 AP
America's 'most hated' comedian's net worth may stun AP
How to remove stubborn stains from your toilet Getty
Trump policy is unintended gift to holiday shoppers Getty Images
Deficiency in this vitamin may add to higher levels of arthritis pain Getty
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