Louisiana Gov. Edwards reelected in blow to Trump Reuters
Barr rips 'war of resistance' against President Trump AP
Obama delivers unusual warning to Dems for 2020 AP
Alabama suffers another blow to its title hopes Getty Images
Ocasio-Cortez defends Taylor Swift in music feud AP
Rematch between Patriots, Eagles highlights Week 11 AP
Kate Middleton nearly takes a tumble -- but she recovers gracefully Getty Images
Teen cuts off dreads, mom cries at what's underneath digitalhallway via Getty Images
Three years on, Prince rumor finally confirmed Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images
Mariah Carey's nearly nude gown leaves little to the imagination Getty
Peter Cook, 60, reportedly lying about young new fiancée's age Getty Images
If your dog follows you everywhere, here's what it means Imgur
Iconic retailers that have filed for bankruptcy in 2019 Getty Images
Wild turkeys are terrorizing a New Jersey town WZDX
Expert digs at King Tut’s tomb, jaw drops as sand shifts Twitter
Football player ejected after brutal targeting penalty Twitter
Women from Burt Reynolds' past make staggering accusation Twitter
5 arrested after shooting at N.J. HS football game AP
30 photos of Donald Trump you've never seen before Imgur
Khloe Kardashian apologizes after fans call her out Getty Images
This convection oven is perfect for holiday cooking Sponsored
Where are the women from 'Two and a Half Men' today? Pinterest
Insider reveals how Miranda Lambert reacted to seeing Blake Shelton Getty Images
Cities are installing odd benches for a controversial reason Pinterest
Elinor Donahue from 'Father Knows Best': See her today at 82 years old Getty
50 foods that unexpectedly raise blood pressure Instagram
10 things you that should never, ever microwave Getty
Scientists discovered the substance ghosts are made of Anna Wacker / EyeEm via Getty Images
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle share new photo of baby Archie Getty Images
This scandal nearly ended the History Channel for good Facebook
How to roast a frozen turkey -- and save Thanksgiving Getty Images
Experts uncover chilling truth about Salem witch trials Bettmann via Getty Images
Meghan Markle had a makeup slip up at recent outing Getty Images
Seemingly normal man has an odd ability that nobody can match PRAKASH MATHEMA via Getty Images
One controversial scene was cut from new 'Lady and the Tramp' film Disney+
What actors kept hidden during 'Top Gun' Imgur
Prince Harry dropped a huge hint about baby No. 2 Getty Images
Experts uncover this secret inside sunken Civil War sub IBRAHIM CHALHOUB via Getty Images
Designer under fire for controversial photo of Meghan: 'Pretty shocked' Getty Images
30 actors and their stunt doubles side by side Imgur
Selena Gomez's rarely-seen younger sister joined her at 'Frozen 2' premiere Getty Images
50 grocery items you shouldn't refrigerate Shuttershock
Child prodigy, 9, is graduating college and will soon start studying for PhD Instagram
This is the most ridiculous way to become filthy rich UGC
Why owners say you should avoid this Japanese car Acura
Ranked: the 30 richest songwriters of all time Imgur
Joanna Gaines-approved gifts for the ultimate 'Fixer Upper' super fan Getty Images
Grocery store workers are hiding this secret from you Alexander Spatari via Getty Images
Sweet update on dog who spent weeks trapped in Dorian rubble Instagram
A roundup of hilarious coincidences Imgur
Cozy up in this massive, weighted blanket Sponsored
Scientists discover exactly what Cleopatra smelled like Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images
These are the world's coolest eco-friendly hotels Instagram
Hollywood won’t cast her anymore, now we know why CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images
Save $30 on this GPS sport watch right now Sponsored
Celebrity still fumes after being replaced on this show IMDB
What the cast of 'Vikings' looks like in real life Imgur
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Where are these former Bond girls today? Imgur
The most dangerous bridges you'll ever come across Construction Photography/Avalon via Getty Images
Cats who immediately regretted their poor life decisions Pinterest
Stars agree on the absolute worst TV show ending ever IMDB
Doctor spies on dead patients’ Facebook pages Westend61 via Getty Images
It's unfair to compete with these physically blessed athletes Maddie Meyer via Getty Images
These 'Grey's Anatomy' stars have real-life partners Shuttershock
Alex Trebek visibly choked up by one contestant's answer for Final Jeopardy Sony Pictures Television

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