Lounge employee allegedly spit on Eric Trump AP
Fox News host issues scathing rebuttal to Trump AP
Migrant father and daughter drown at Mexico border AP
'Bachelor' star reveals what really happened during D.R. trip Getty Images
Report: LeBron may welcome 10-time All-Star to Lakers AP
It's tense on 'AGT' as Cowell clashes with contestant NBC
This common food was just linked to Alzheimer prevention GSO Images via Getty Images
Kim K. in hot water for White House photos: 'Just like Trump likes it' Instagram
DR officials reveal cause of death for New York man Getty Images
Fed up homeowner sticks it to his HOA and gets the most epic revenge Scott Olson via Getty Images
Beth Chapman from 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' in 'grave condition' Getty Images
Experts discover this shocking cause of acne Obencem via Getty Images
Science: This is the best exercise to flatten your belly Getty Images
Mother-in-law poisons groom, then tries to kill again laindiapiaroa via Getty Images
U.S. soccer star has profane take on White House visit Getty Images
Throwing dryer sheets in the toilet  works like a charm Getty
Millennial parents are ditching this bedtime ritual Getty Images
Child raised to be a 'donor baby' reveals all Mireya Acierto via Getty Images
10 things you should absolutely never touch at buffets Getty Images
These 30 female athletes are in incredible shape Instagram
Ditch your old vacuum for this hands-free option Sponsored
Architects have deemed this bridge a "death trap" Twitter
Church of Scientology hit with bombshell lawsuit Getty Images
Boy claiming he’s from Mars makes apocalyptic omen Getty
Critics celebrate the demise of NRATV and Loesch AP
Dietitians are raving about Ezekiel bread, here's why Boris SV via Getty Images
JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bessette's unseen wedding footage released: Watch! Getty Images
Remember 'Little Hercules'? This is what he's up to now Pinterest
Amanda Bynes graduates from FIDM: See her first pic in 7 months! Getty Images
Cops don't buy woman's tale about dead co-worker Facebook
Man shoots baby after mother rejects his advances Getty
40 celebrities and their exact lookalikes from far into history Pinterest
Doorbell camera captures an almost embarrassing moment for woman Newsflare
Giant sinkhole hides new world below the surface Boredom Therapy
Kate Middleton glows in perfect summertime outfit for afternoon event Getty Images
This car was a major auto-industry misstep Pinterest
Pouring this down the drain can clog the entire pipe Getty
Cruise passengers startled after ship grinds to a halt Getty
Ivanka Trump's real name isn't actually Ivanka Getty
Infamous Hollywood spot inspires most iconic song ever YouTube
Lyft driver: Missing student entered another vehicle Salt Lake City Police
Brilliant store cashier shuts down rude customer Nevena1987 via Getty Images
Persistent puppy survives 13 days lost in the wilderness Facebook
This racer nearly doubled the income of all of his competiton Pinterest
Alex Rodriguez, Kylie Jenner get into war of words Getty Images
Everyone is going crazy for this weird food as a butter substitute GSO Images via Getty Images
Pamela Anderson dumps boyfriend in scathing Instagram: 'He is the monster' Getty Images
This cat has 2 completely different sets of features Pinterest
U.S. sues ex-Trump aide Omarosa over disclosure report AP
This common food mistake can land you in the hospital Matthew Ashmore / EyeEm via Getty Images
13 foods you should never, ever put in a slow cooker Getty Images
Why the young actress from 'Schindler's List' was traumatized YouTube
The 13 most dangerous beaches in the world Getty
Priceless WWII treasures that remain missing today Bettmann via Getty Images
This CBD cream will help to relieve your aches and pains Sponsored
Now-defunct airlines that failed completely Pinterest
Laverne Cox and boyfriend split after 2 years together AP
Whistleblower killed in a mysterious crash mark peterson via Getty Images
First major U.S. city passes ban on sales of e-cigarettes Getty Images
Howard Stern's shameful regret over Robin Williams TIZIANA FABI via Getty Images
Fergie's on uncle's heartbreaking death: 'My father was never the same' Getty Images
Long-lost Dark Age monastery unearthed in Scotland Twitter
Former fans call Michael Jackson a 'monster' on 10-year mark of his death Getty Images
Woman shocked to see grandpa in stranger's photo Facebook
George, Charlotte to play a part in teacher's wedding: Details Getty Images
Iconic sci-fi scene was pulled off using one sneaky trick Reddit
Mueller agrees to testify before House committees Getty Images
Here's what happens if Trump ever gets impeached DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS via Getty Images
One man is behind all of these amazing automobile designs Getty
Superman fan takes obsession to strange new level Chin Leong Teoh / EyeEm via Getty Images
Man hilariously mistakes animal for 'pile of snakes' Newsflare Studio
Tiny bathroom item can lead to fatbergs if you're not careful Getty Images
Festival-goers scurry during hot air balloon mishap Jukin Media
Why you may be using antiperspirant the wrong way Getty Images
Keanu Reeves' revelation leaves Colbert speechless YouTube/ Scott Kowalchyk

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