Trump says he thinks coronavirus will 'just disappear' despite rising cases Getty Images
Longtime Jeffrey Epstein confidante arrested Getty Images
Alabama students hold 'COVID-19 parties' with prize for first person sick Getty Images
Man dies a day after he pleaded with his friends about virus dangers Thomas Macias
Officers relieved of duty after 'appalling' video emerges Getty Images
Details of Meghan Markle's relationship with royal family made public in legal files Getty Images
Bride halts wedding when she sees uninvited guest YouTube
LGBTQ YouTuber comes clean about her treatment on 'Ellen' Getty Images
Fed-up teacher shared salary online, received surprising response Twitter
Seal wouldn't leave diver alone, then he realizes why Facebook
NWSL player explains choice not to kneel with team AP
Man finds something no one was supposed to know about imgur
Trebek makes 'Jeopardy!' audiences obey this strict rule Getty Images
Trump demonizes the Black Lives Matter movement AP
Mom buys $3 ornament, gasps at what she finds inside Fuzzy Gerdes
No one saw this '90 Day Fiancé' twist coming YouTube
Encouraging, early virus vaccine test results reported Getty Images
Man browsing Google Earth sees weird 'shape,' alerts officials Getty Images
20 photos that will make you love golden retrievers even more imgur
Experts debunk theory about virus spread AP
Man left speechless after finding bizarre buried treasure YouTube
20 healthier DIY alternatives to store products imgur
Duchess Kate jokes one of her kids is a 'little grumpy' in garden outing Getty Images
Will Smith's wife confronted rumors about him and another star Getty Images
Ex-contestant spills dark secret about 'Pimp My Ride' Getty Images
The $6 secret to keeping dogs calm during fireworks Getty Images
The most popular vintage Art Deco cars ever made Twitter
Yes, these are real. We don't know what to say. Twitter
Sheriff warns of drastic measure to rein in protesters Getty Images
Couple gets a makeover for their 50th anniversary YouTube
These are the top Western film stars of all time Pinterest
Witnesses speak out on shooting of Black protester Facebook/LinkedIn
What Liam Hemsworth has said about his split with Miley Cyrus Getty Images
Sea World 'heist' leaves penguin fighting for his life Getty Images
Brady responds to ex-teammate's post about Newton AP
30 amusing photos of sleeping cats Facebook
Couple married 70 years makes a move that crushes their family Getty Images
'RHOC' star's teenage daughter comes out as bisexual Getty Images
Archaeologists unearth lost world beneath cattle ranch Getty Images
How a lack of grass turned these beach cows into carnivores Getty Images
Owners say this is the least reliable vehicle in America Chevrolet
One genius laundry trick saves people so much time and money Star Tribune via Getty Images via Getty Images
These jobs are vanishing quickly Getty Images
Surprising car brand least likely to flash a check engine light AP
Chip and Joanna Gaines get candid about struggling businesses Getty Images
Why this man turned down $800,000 for an old family toy Willowpix via Getty Images
20 cars the world would have been better off without Pinterest
California orders new closures amid coronavirus spike AP
Google Earth photos capture bizarre scenes Pinterest
Why hikers are obsessed with this broken-down landmark Wikipedia
This best-selling grill is basically 5 kitchen appliances all in one Amazon
Singer Andrea Bocelli's life wasn't always easy Pinterest
Vintage photos from the '70s that are giving us nostalgia Getty Images
Man sentenced to life in prison for killing 2 gay men, transgender woman AP
Bride sent wedding guests an angry note that left them stunned Getty Images
Cave discovery provides missing link about early humans Getty Images
Joe Biden raises $141M, topping Trump again Getty Images
Hot dog brands you should — and maybe shouldn't — buy Getty Images
Brad Paisley moves couple to tears with life-changing surprise Getty Images
Meghan makes heartwarming move for biracial teen allegedly set on fire Getty Images
Jazz stars dunk on fan angry about Black Lives Matter AP
Report: NBA paying shocking amount for Disney bubble AP
Italian police seize record 14 tons of amphetamines AP
COVID-19 cases among group may be 15 times higher AP
Referendum allows Putin to remain in power for years AP
U.S. adds better than expected payrolls while unemployment falls Getty Images
Director of 'High School Musical' admits one main character was gay Getty Images
Missing soldier's family believes her remains were found AP
Myrtle Beach, S.C., braces for tourists despite outbreaks Getty Images
Derek Jeter: 'No trust' between MLB players, owners Getty Images
Jennifer Garner comforts a fan who recently split from her husband Getty Images
Over 75,000 people sign petition for activist statue Netflix
American anxiety over virus spikes as cases surge Getty Images
Harry says Diana 'would have been fighting' against institutional racism Getty Images
Appeals court lifts ban on tell-all book by Trump's niece ASSOCIATED PRESS

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