Worldwide death toll from coronavirus eclipses 1M Reuters
House Dems unveil new $2 trillion virus aid proposal Getty Images
3 killed in Northern Calif. as thousands flee wildfires AP
Officer charged in Taylor case pleads not guilty Twitter
Laid-off hotel workers seek MLB's help in dispute Langham
Gwyneth Paltrow celebrates turning 48 by posing naked Getty Images
NASA's fascinating finds in astronaut’s bloodstream Getty Images
Why your body sometimes jerks awake as you fall asleep Getty Images
Rescue pony has a life-changing transformation Getty Images
Ron Howard's son looks eerily like his dad in 'Happy Days' IMDb
Jack Quaid says 'F*** Donald Trump' in now-viral tweet Getty Images
Man was secretly digging holes under his London home for years Getty Images
Staring at red light could help cure this common ailment Getty Images
5 key takeaways from the report on Trump's tax returns AP
16-foot predator and 50 eggs found in Florida basement Getty Images
If bugs are taking over your home, try these DIY hacks YouTube
Chrissy Teigen hospitalized due to pregnancy complications Reuters
Workers drained holy lake, ancient creature emerged Getty Images
What fans may not know about Julie Andrews' past Getty Images
Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara choose meaningful name for new son Getty Images
Many U.S. citizens don't know about America's lost state Getty Images
What it was like to be in the 'Ellen' audience Getty Images
Police: 10 firearms seized from Brad Parscale AP
Scientists discovered one of Earth's darkest materials Getty Images
Woman made it past alligators after bungee cord snapped Getty Images
10 countries you can emigrate to if you're over 50 Getty Images
Coronavirus surges in red states weeks before election Getty Images
Trump's old tweets slammed others for not paying taxes Getty Images
Pelosi calls Trump debts a 'national security' issue ASSOCIATED PRESS
Seahawks' Carson has knee injury after suffering dirty hit Reuters
'Cake Boss' gets emotional talking about terrifying bowling accident Getty Images
2 new wildfires break out in Calif., burning thousands of acres Getty Images
Cyberattack hits major U.S. hospital system hard Getty Images
Here's what you need to know about 'silent' COVID-19 Getty Images
Man gets year in prison for hosting large parties Charles County Sheriff’s Office
'Jersey Shore' star wins $350K from NYC  in sexual harassment lawsuit Getty Images
Kraft decimated the NFL's personal conduct probe AP
Blake Shelton jokes about gaining '117 pounds' during quarantine Reuters
CDC director contradicts Trump on coronavirus Getty Images
Actress Sophie Turner shares never-before-seen pregnancy pics Getty Images
NFL Winners and Losers, Week 3: NY Giants' woes AP
Details emerge on split between Demi Lovato and fiancé Getty Images
Lawyer: Officer thought Blake was attempting to kidnap own child Getty Images
How dirty is cash anyway? Getty Images
How to make candy sushi — a tasty treat for everyone Mamas Uncut
Yummy pumpkin spice treats we can't wait to try Instagram
Alexis Ohanian is destigmatizing paternity leave Getty Images
25 glamorous David Bowie tattoos that totally rock Instagram
Ashley Tisdale opens up about her pregnancy Getty Images
Beyoncé mom's maiden name sounds familiar Getty Images
5 things you won't see on Black Friday this year Reuters
Biden campaign jumps on Trump tax-return story Getty Images
We'll be wearing face masks far into 2021: CDC director Getty Images
WH announces virus testing expansion — again AP
Young people may be more at risk of severe COVID-19 illness than realized Reuters
NFC clash sees star QBs employ contrasting styles AP
The Eagles played for a tie — but it was a losing decision Getty Images
2021 Subaru Forester gets more standard features Subaru
Fauci says it's 'very concerning' Florida is reopening bars and restaurants Getty Images
Judge orders stop to USPS cuts, echoing others Getty Images
Netflix:  'Cuties' backlash 'short-lived phenomenon' AP
Trump aide in hospital amid self harm threat AP
Why these 5 U.S. states hold odd-year elections Getty Images
France to release $49B in economic stimulus next year Reuters
The future of fast food will include robots: Expert Getty Images
AOC mocks Trump over $70K write-off for hairstyling AP

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