Soldiers who fought alongside Kurds slam Trump retreat AP
Sen. Graham: While Trump is 'charming' he is also a 'handful' Getty Images
Why Trump really dropped his Florida resort as G-7 venue Reuters
First images emerge of actress Felicity Huffman in prison AP
Man allegedly uses bear spray on anti-Trump protesters Getty
You'll want to buy this $17 item at Aldi immediately Reuters
Ellen banned a popular guest from her show to send a message Vince Bucci/Invision/AP
Aaron Rodgers' perfect game proves 1 big thing AP
Secret dishwasher hack will absolutely blow your mind Getty
Guy dumps 2,000 lbs. of chemicals in his pool for crazy reason YouTube
Veteran Major League Baseball umpire dead at 52 Reuters
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Star finds out she was conceived via IVF mid-interview with Howard Stern Getty Images
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Tornado touches down in Dallas, causes chaos Phillip Ellis/via Reuters
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Bus driver gets sweet revenge on cruel passengers YouTube
Supermodel named 'the most beautiful woman in the world' Getty Images
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Divers find shipwreck that's key to a huge historical mystery Paul Watson via Getty Images
Pivotal NFC East showdown proves a one-sided affair Getty
Boy missing for 2 days returns with the strangest explanation Pinterest
Royal couple takes 6-week sabbatical from public eye Reuters
Common health 'diagnosis' is really a complete scam Getty
Warren makes promise after weeks of criticism Getty Images
Drunk man brings homeless woman home after sudden realization Pinterest
Mitt Romney admits he has a secret Twitter account AP
Ozzie and Harriet weren't as innocent as you thought Pinterest
Republican-backed voting law blocked by federal judge Sun Sentinel via Getty Images
Only baby boomers will remember these gross foods Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images
3 U.S. Army soldiers killed in training accident AP
Dark rumor about Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal is confirmed Images Press via Getty Images
New memorial dedicated for civil rights icon AP
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HGTV star found guilty of molesting 10-year-old girl Connecticut State Police
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Elizabeth Taylor's granddaughter looks like her reincarnation Michael Putland via Getty Images

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