Pelosi backs term limits if elected as U.S. House speaker AP
Report: Trump won't hire 'great friend' in Congress AP
Congress quietly passes law that legalizes hemp AP
Major U.S. state is considering taxing text messages Getty Images
Update given on 3 people trapped in West Virginia mine AP
'Dancing With the Stars' announces shocking decision Getty Images
Obama asks audience to stop doing one thing mpi10/MediaPunch/IPx
Nurses stunned by woman's reaction to new grandson Getty
Stunning Christmas light displays from around the world Getty Images
Woman has toes like you've never seen before YOUTUBE
Teen was kicked out of prom for unbelievable reason Getty Images
Why Duchess Meghan’s second aide is really leaving Getty Images
NASA says aliens may have already visited Earth KTSDESIGN/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY via Getty Images
Simple quiz will be able to guess your level of education Getty
Johnny Carson blamed one person for failed marriages Getty
The Queen just broke one major royal rule KGC-375/
The internet is losing it over Emily Ratajkowski's latest bikini photo Instagram
Kids film wild animal's terrifying approach Youtube/Kruger National Park
18-year-old loses 150 pounds and the results are stunning Instagram
Princess Beatrice goes public with boyfriend despite controversy Getty Images
Shipwreck found casts light on life of Genghis Khan Getty
The accessory that should be on everyone's wishlist Joyus
'Brady Bunch' cast met up and the photos are amazing ASSOCIATED PRESS
Scientist claims to know truth about Roswell incident Getty
Wedding 'first look' surprise leaves groom in shock Getty
Horrifying signs the FBI is secretly watching you Getty
How to easily clean grease from kitchen cabinet doors Getty
Stephen King taunts Trump with a simple question AP
You may die early if your fingernails have this feature Getty
Man bought old log cabin for $100 --  what he did with it was extraordinary Getty Images
Ford makes first public remark since Kavanaugh hearing AP
Eyewitness to Hitler's death took harrowing photos Getty
World's first set of septuplets are now all grown up at 21 years old AP
This critter could be hiding in the food you're eating Instagram
Simple activity can drastically reduce risk of dementia Getty
6 bedtime snacks that may actually help you burn fat Getty
9-year-old commits suicide over racist bullying, family says INSIDE EDITION
There's something hidden inside Mount Rushmore Reuters
US city's median household income tops $220,000 Getty
Kathie Lee Gifford's likely replacement on 'Today' revealed Getty Images
You didn't know this about the classic mob flick 'Goodfellas' Getty
These pool noodle hacks will totally change your life Getty Images
Christian Bale tells hilarious story of his only time meeting Donald Trump Getty Images
The royal family is strictly forbidden to consume these unexpected foods AP
America's best state to live in is on the East Coast Getty Images
Caravan migrants to U.S.: Let us in or give us each $50,000 AP
'Hazardous' item you should never store in a basement Getty Images
Player picked No. 1 overall was a major NFL draft bust Getty Images
Missing mother seen in newly released video Woodland Park Police Department
Here's how to properly clean your bed pillows Getty
Disappointing vacation spots you should try to avoid Getty
Keep your car ice-free with the help of this clever hack Getty
Secret to cleaning a dirty sheet pan lies in one unlikely item eHow
10 surprising ways to reduce your breast cancer risk Getty
Jon Gosselin offers telling response when asked about ex Kate's behavior Getty Images
Young Laura Bush was responsible for classmate's death Reuters
This exercise may be perfect for preventing an arthritis flare-up Getty Images
Gigi Hadid shocks in completely cleavage-baring ensemble Getty Images
Diners beware: Skip these items on your next restaurant trip Getty Images
Do you remember these obscure vintage items? Getty
Was Nancy Pelosi throwing shade with her red coat? Getty Images
Unlikely 'deadly' items lurking your skincare products Getty
Unusual way baking soda can help clean almost everything Getty
Severe storm takes aim at U.S. region after heavy snowfall AP
A ranking of cities where people go out to eat the most Getty
Flight attendants reveal the biggest passenger mistakes Getty
Toyota recalls 70,000 cars over air bag explosion issue Getty Images
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