When monogramming is free, why stop at your initials?

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Madewell Monogrammed Bags
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When monogramming is free, why stop at your initials?

The only way to make a bag more personal than throwing your stuff inside it is by putting your mark on the outside, right where everyone can see it. That's why we love a monogram so much so that we're inclined to put it on everything we own - and now we can. Not only is Madewell giving us more to personalize, extending the service from totes to include more of its classic leather goods, like key fobs and wallets, but it's also giving it to us for free.

Now through Oct. 20, the styles you select from Madewell's monogram shop come complete with free personalization. The only real question is: why stop at your initials? Madewell has provided some pretty choice phrases to make its items even more your own; "WTF," "OUI," and "PYT" are just a few of our favorites. But we're betting you can come up with some pretty genius ways to use three letters all on your own.

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