This Texas woman built a 3-story closet, and it's beautiful

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3 story large closet
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This Texas woman built a 3-story closet, and it's beautiful

We have closet 'FOMO', and we didn't even know it was a thing until now. Theresa Roemer's closet was featured in The Houston Chronicle last week and it could just be the most beautiful thing ever. This three-story closet takes up about 3,000 square feet in her large Texas home, and cost about $500,000.

With a closet that big, there has to be some organization! Each floor serves a different purpose, whether it's hair and makeup stations on the second floor, or a collection of hats and fur accessories on the third floor, everything has a home. When asked how long it takes to get ready each day, Ms. Roemer said "about 45 minutes." Which, actually, isn't that bad, considering that the closet is big enough to get lost in. They say everything's bigger in Texas, and this closet is definitely proving that to be correct.

Roemer tells The Houston Chronicle that the space was built primarily to be used for charity functions. We're not completely buying it, but hey, if the lady wants to build a three-story closet -- more power to her!

Just wait until you see the pictures! Check out the slideshow above to get a peek into this amazing closet.

Image credits: Chinh Pan/Neiman Marcus for The Houston Chronicle
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