Prince Harry is the UK's favorite royal, Kate gets bumped to 4th

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10 reasons to love Prince Harry
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Prince Harry is the UK's favorite royal, Kate gets bumped to 4th
Holding this cutie close, Harry looks like a natural. We bet he's great with George!
Superman! Harry steals this little girl's heart during his visit to Chile.
Whenever the three young royals are together, you'll see William and Kate constantly in stitches.
Always the life of the party!
Harry and William both play polo, looking studly as they typically compete against each other. 
So sexy, right?!
Boys will be boys, and these are our favorite brothers.
William supported his brother during the first annual Invictus Games, and it was just adorable.
UGH. Prince Harry pets a pup in the crowd, and we fall further in love.
True love: Lupo and Harry.
Harry, you clean up well.
Melting hearts all over the world.
Prince Harry dancing with children is probably the greatest thing in the world.
This Prince has MOVES.
Need we say more?
STOP. George has these overalls too! 
Harry gives a speech at the first ever Invictus Games, which were a rousing success.
Harry went on a trek in Antarctica with the Walking with the Wounded organization for wounded soldiers. 

How could you not love Britain's "spare"?

Happy 30th, Harry!

Prince Harry has been chosen as the UK's favorite royal, with the Queen coming in second place, William in third and Duchess Kate in fourth. Kate took the crown (no pun intended...) in 2013, but has been bumped to 4th place after Harry's incredible year.

Prince Harry took two trips to Chile and Brazil where the public fell in love with him, and was applauded by the press and public alike for the rousing success of this summer's Invictus Games. The Daily Mail calls the games a "national triumph," and they received attention worldwide. Those surveyed chose words such as "likeable," "fun-loving," and "genuine" to associate with Harry; "genuine" and "good role model" to associate with William. Kate's best known for her "attractive," "intelligent" and "genuine" qualities.

The results may have proven that Harry has stolen the UK's heart, but they also shed an interesting light on changing opinions of the Duchess of Cambridge. The poll, which surveyed 3,000 UK adults, was published in Newsweek and revealed a definite shift in feelings for Kate, who was said to be reviving the monarchy.

Royal Family & Celebrities At The 20th Commonwealth Games
Only 1% of respondents answered that they "wish they were Kate," while only 11% said they'd like to experience life as the Duchess for just one day. So why don't women want to be Kate? Maybe it's because of the intense scrutiny (this poll included) on her daily life, and being so constantly in the public eye.

When asked to describe the Duchess, less than 20% of those who took the poll found Kate to be inspirational, but they did identify her as kind and intelligent. One strong good opinion of Kate is that 65% find her to be a positive role model for young girls. With Kate's second pregnancy announcement just past, we can't help but wonder if the opinions of her will get better again as this next baby comes along. Many wished that the Duchess would make more public appearances, and we're sure once she's feeling better she will do so.

Meanwhile, click through the gallery above for even more reasons to love Britain's most popular Prince, Harry!
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