The List Report: Red Carpet-Inspired Details for Spring

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The List Report: Red Carpet-Inspired Details for Spring
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The List Report: Red Carpet-Inspired Details for Spring


Get Amanda’s look with this top that alternates between sheer and lace panels. Pair with a pair of pastel trousers for a spring office look.


Isla Fisher wore a shimmering beaded Reem Acra – the perfect mix of glitz and glamor.

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Pair this embellished necklace with a simple white tee or nude blouse, and you’ll see a similar effect as Isla’s dress.


Stand out in a sea of white lace dresses this spring with a periwinkle blue – almost identical in color to Nicole’s!


Pair these gold pants with a crisp white blouse or peplum top for the perfect spring look.


Kerry Washington’s sheer Miu Miu dress stunned with an embellished overlay.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Ditch your boring black going-out tops for a fresh white with a beaded overlay like Kerry’s.  This will go perfectly with your lighter wash spring denim.

All of this year's hottest stars were dressed to impress last night for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, but the most striking theme on the red carpet was the attention to detail. The sheer paneling, intricate lace, and bejeweled embellishments on gowns of celebrities from Nicole Richie to Amanda Seyfried were absolutely stunning.

We can't help but think ahead to how these red carpet trends will translate to our spring wardrobes. We went ahead and selected pieces - each of them inspired by the gorgeous details on the Golden Globes red carpet – that you can incorporate into your upcoming spring wardrobe. You don't need a fancy event or black-tie dress to work the red carpet trends in real life.

Click through the gallery to get see our favorite spring wardrobe inspiration from Golden Globes looks from the likes of Kerry Washington, Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery, and more.

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