Dreaming of Druzy (For Less)

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Dreaming of Druzy (For Less)
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Dreaming of Druzy (For Less)

Getting tired of looking at the same old basic silver and gold jewelry? Well, quite frankly, so are we. The new year means experimenting with new styles, and we've already got our eye on what we think will be our favorite jewelry look in 2013. Druzy is a layer of crystals that form a mineralized crust - kind of like something you'd see on the inside of a rock.

The stunning shades of druzy can range anywhere from hot pink to turquoise to gunmetal gray. While some pieces can get quite pricey, luckily some of our favorite lower-priced stores like Urban Outfitters have started to pick up on the trend. Check out the gallery for our picks of the best druzy pieces that won't break the bank.

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