This precious child re-creates modeling photos, and is TOO CUTE to handle

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This precious child re-creates modeling photos, and is TOO CUTE to handle

Nailing it.

via ministylehacker Instagram

Look at those tiny boat shoes!

via ministylehacker Instagram

He's even stylin' when he's on his own.

via ministylehacker Instagram

Ryan Gosling hack!

via ministylehacker Instagram

On the beach = in a sandbox. A SANDBOX. Too cute for words.

via ministylehacker Instagram

Dying. That backpack!

via ministylehacker Instagram

Seriously, can't handle the cuteness.

via ministylehacker Instagram


Get ready to fall over from cuteness. (We know, Prince George has already made you topple over from his adorableness again and again, but this child ranks pretty high too!) One mom, named Colette, saw all the fashion-forward tots on the Web, noticed that many were dressed in super expensive designer clothes, and decided to challenge it.

Her son Ryker is her adorable guinea pig to "hack" high fashion for little ones -- at an affordable price! The result is too cute for words, with 4-year-old Ryker posing the same as the models do. Colette makes a point to choose items from reasonably-priced stores like Gap and Zara.

Breaking hearts all over the world, this adorable little boy is clearly having a blast with his mom as they take miniature fashion by storm.

Click through the gallery to see our favorite snaps from Colette's Instagram, and pop over to her blog ( for even more cuteness.
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