5 hairstyles perfect for your Thanksgiving celebrations

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Dallas Wardrobe Thanksgiving Hair
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5 hairstyles perfect for your Thanksgiving celebrations

By Dallas Wardobe

I was looking back at some pictures last night and I noticed one thing in the majority of photos...my hair was down in 99% of them.

To give you the least boring version of my getting ready process it is: shower, start make-up, blow dry hair, put hair in hot rollers, finish make-up, frantically take hair out of rollers and sprint out the door.

You can see why my hair is always down right? Because I am usually running late and I do not have time to get creative with my locks.

While browsing Pinterest I kept coming across all of these lovely photos of hair that is either all the way up or partially up. While some of these styles probably take no time and others look basically impossible they are all in some way making me want to take just a little extra time while getting ready and try a new look!

Goal of the weekend: try a new hair style. Wish me luck!

Amy's hairspiration is pretty much spot-on for any Thanksgiving celebration. With the holidays approaching, make sure you click through the gallery to see the best looks for getting your turkey on in style.
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