2013 wrap-up: celebrity hair transformations

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Wrapup 2013: Celebrity Hair Transformations
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2013 wrap-up: celebrity hair transformations
Kim Kardashian traded in her signature dark brown color for blonde locks after the birth of her daughter.  
Though we can't say that Kim's hair color looks natural, we have to admit, it looks better than we thought it would. 
When Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair into a pixie, the blogosphere went ablaze with supporters and dissenters alike. 
Blonde hair or brown hair, standing up at the Oscars or falling down at the Oscars, long hair or pixie cut -- we adore her all the same. 
We've been waiting for Vanessa Hudgens to ditch those ombre locks for awhile now. 
...And she delivered! Now, Vanessa looks more like a serious actress with a sleek, monochromatic look. 
As the cold weather arrived, Carey Mulligan changed up her fair hair for something a bit darker and richer.
And we have to say, we're a fan of the warm brown color that compliments her delicate features. 

Anne Hathaway surprised many with her super-short and super-blonde punk look at the Met Ball. 

However, she went back to her roots and switched to a more a classic style and color not long after. 
A hair chameleon, Rihanna has sported almost every color out there. 
We like her look best when she tones it down and keeps things simple. 
These beach blonde locks are what made Pamela Anderson a household name. 
We may not think of the word "subdued" when we think of Pamela Anderson but her new pixie cut is a breath of understated air and the sophistication we've been waiting for. 
Always one to keep it natural, Shailene Woodley sported flowing hair this summer. 
But her new pixie cut is decidedly more grown-up and a look we fully support! 
Demi Lovato is a self-admitted commitment phobe when it comes to hair, so we knew her pretty blonde locks wouldn't last long. 
So, blue isn't exactly the color we were hoping for but at least she's having fun? We'll give her that. 
Hailee Steinfeld looked sweet with her wavy brown hair. 
This year, she amped up the edge with these stylish blunt bangs and transformed her look from cute child star to mature actress. 
Say goodbye to these long locks! This fall, Jennifer Aniston chopped her famous hair into a chic shorter 'do, inspiring bob-envy in women everywhere.  

From Jennifer Aniston's chic new short 'do, to Jennifer Lawrence's pixie cut, to Kim Kardashian's golden blonde locks, 2013 was a major year for celebrity hair.

While some new styles didn't exactly leave us running to the salon with magazine clippings in hand (er...we're looking at you, Demi Lovato), others made us want to get a bob ASAP.

From the gorgeous to the cringeworthy, click through the gallery above to see the celebrity hair transformations we couldn't stop talking about this year.
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