The Most Depressing Christmas Gift Guide of the Year

The Most Depressing Christmas Gift Guide of the Year

Bullet Blocker, a Massachusetts-based manufacturer, is offering a line backpacks that children can cower behind in case of a school shooting. The crown jewel of the collection, the company's Bulletproof Child Safety Backpack, is currently on sale for $199 and looks almost exactly like a standard Jansport daypack. The key difference is that the BulletBlocker can protect children from a madman wielding a 9 mm Luger or a .44 Magnum handgun.

For children who don't want a boring black backpack, Bullet Blocker also makes a selection of inserts that can fit into any bag.

Amendment II offers a more colorful solution: stylish children's backpacks with hidden body armor panels. Their "Ballistic Backpacks" retail for $300 and up, and feature Disney Princesses for the girls and the Avengers for the boys.

For parents who want even more peace of mind, Amendment II also has child-sized bulletproof vests. Available in a selection of festive colors -- as well as the traditional green and desert camouflage -- the vests start at $499.

On the other side of the gun, the NRA and the firearms companies that support it are offering their own Christmas gifts. For $15, parents can buy their children a junior membership that comes with a shooter's cap, a membership card, a decal, and a subscription to InSights, a monthly digital magazine that features "fun-filled, action-packed coverage of safety, achievement and excellence in the shooting sports."

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Parents who want their children to have a more hands-on experience might consider the impressive selection of "youth" handguns, shotguns and rifles offered by Crickett Rifles, Browning, Remington, Beretta and a host of other companies, sized for smaller fingers and lighter frames.

Or here's another Christmas option: Call your senator and congressman, let them know your feelings about assault weapons, and leave the beginner firearm lessons to A Christmas Story.

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