Ten Most-Hated Money-Saving Tips

Ten Most-Hated Money-Saving Tips
It's obvious, but it also goes against every "Live for the moment" principle we've learned.
If you're self-employed or you telecommute (or you've got a highly mobile skill, like nursing, or a trade), you can save untold thousands each year by living where the sun don't shine.
Nobody seems to care about the thousands to be saved by buying a quality pre-owned vehicle. It just doesn't jibe with the sweet smell of success we've been bred to desire.
This is probably one of the most obvious and easy ways to save a few hundred bucks every month.
You'd be a better person, sure, if you came home from work and read Tolstoy instead of watching ESPN. Or would you?
Given the $4 coffee drinks we're hooked on, this is the gold standard of saving money in this espresso times.
Not a message most people heeded in recent years, when the banks were giving mortgages away to anyone with a pulse and a pen.
We all know they're evil, but we're products of a plastic culture.
We all mean to do this, yet every month, some very good reason to use that $300 comes up.
You may think you're king of the road -- more likely you're a slave to your car, just like the rest of us.