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Hidden Wonders of the Depths
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Help the crab to reach the chest. Destroy tiles on his way for this purpose. Below some tiles there's a stone. Make a match over it to destroy it and finish the level. The yellow bar indicates the amount of remaining time. Complete the level before the time runs out.

Game controls

Left click tiles to swap or match them. This online game has three different kinds of levels:
  • match 3 levels: swap adjacent tiles to make sets of three or more tiles of the same type
  • memory levels: find a pair of identical bricks to collapse them
  • click 3 levels: click on groups of three or more tiles of the same type to collapse them


    Find enough puzzle pieces to generate a magic card. After you have found enough pieces, you will get a puzzle. Use the left button of the mouse to replace the pieces of the puzzle in order to form the card. After you have finished the puzzle, you have created a new power to use. During a level, you can click on the power and then on the field to use it.
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