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Jewel Match 2
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Click on adjacent pieces to swap them. Match 3 gems in a row to remove them from the board. Make matches over the golden tiles to remove them. Finish the level by lowering the amulet to the bottom of the board. Note that you have to clear the board before the hourglass on the right is empty.

Game controls

Left click pieces to swap them. Make matches over the golden tiles to remove them and finish the level. Silver tiles cover golden tiles. In order to remove silver tiles, you have to make two matches over them. After clearing all golden and silver tiles, an amulet appears on the board. Remove the gems below the amulet to bring it down to the bottom of the board and finish the level.

While you're removing gems, you are actually collecting them. Gather enough gems to rebuild the castle. You can buy new parts of the castle after each level. Available parts are highlighted.

  • boxes: you can destroy boxes by matching adjacent gems.
  • chains: you can destroy a chain by making a match that includes the chained gem.
  • double chains: you can destroy a double chain by making two matches that include the chained gem.


Several bonuses aid you during playing:
  • coins: coins appear randomly on the board. Left click them to collect them. You can use coins in the shop.
  • hammer: the hammer is available after making a number of matches. Left click it to use it. You can also make more matches to get a more powerful hammer.
  • chroma gem: this gem matches with every other gem and appears after making a match of 4 gems.
  • helix: the helix clears an entire row and appears after making a match of 5 gems.
  • fireball spell: clears a couple of gems when you cast it. You can purchase this spell in the shop.

You earn money for each tile you break. You can use all the money you earn to buy items and upgrades in the shop. Move your mouse over the items and left click an item if you want to buy it.

Collect the blue bottles on the board. They contain mana, which you can use to cast spells.
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