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The Lost Inca Prophecy
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

First start searching for missing items. If you've found everything, you have to put all objects in the right place. Then make matches of 3 tokens or more. You can make matches by clicking a token and moving the mouse over neighboring tokens. Release the mouse button to end a selection. In order to finish a level, you first have to remove all colored tiles. You can remove colored tiles by making matches over them. Then break all tokens below the object that appears, to advance to the next level.

Game controls

During the hidden object level, you have to find the objects shown in the inventory. The objects are divided into parts. Left click a part if you've found it. When you've found all parts of an object, it will light up in your inventory. Left click the object and put it in the correct place on the screen. Left click when the cursor changes to use the object. If nothing happens, look for another spot to use it. If you're stuck, you can left click the question mark for a hint.

After the hidden object part of the game, you can click the green button in the bottom right corner of the screen to continue the game. Left click a token and move the mouse over matching adjacent tokens to highlight them. Release the mouse button to end the selection and remove the tokens from the board. Break all colored tiles by making matches over them. The level is cleared when all colored tiles are removed. Green tiles require one match; to remove grey tiles you have to make 2 matches over them. After removing all tiles, an object will appear. Make matches and break all tokens below the object to advance to the next level.


There are several power-ups that help you in your quest. Left click them when they're charged, and click the board to use them. They recharge when you make matches. You can use the following power-ups:
  • hammer: destroys a single token.
  • bomb: destroys a group of tokens.
  • mask: destroys a random group of tokens.
  • dice: shuffles all tokens.

In the bottom left corner is the Feathered Serpent. It lights up when you break at least one colored tile during a match. If you make six consecutive tile breaking matches, the Serpent will release lightning that destroys tokens. If you make a match without breaking any tiles the Serpent will empty.
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