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Tropix 2 - The Quest For the Golden Banana
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game There are different goals for each type of mini-game: Cascade levels: Swap fruit until the critter at the bottom of the screen has eaten its fill. Stone Stacker levels: stack stones until there aren't any left. Pirates levels: fire at ships until they all sink. Then repair your raft by adding pieces. Game controls: The controls for the specific type of mini-games: Cascade levels: left click fruit to swap them. Only swaps that make a match of 3 or more are allowed. Keep matching until the critter at the bottom of the screen has eaten its fill. If you encounter a pirate, keep matching until you defeat him. Stone Stacker levels: left click stones to stack them on stones with matching colors. Stack all the stones, until the field is clear. Pirates levels: left click pirate ships to fire coconuts at them. Once their bars are empty, they will sink. Sink them all before they sink you! Afterwards, you can repair your raft. Left click a piece to grab it. Use the spacebar to rotate it if necessary. Add all the pieces to your raft to fix it. Bonuses in Cascade levels: Lightning Bolt: click it to zap away some fruit Bomble-bee: click him to knock out nearby fruits Fireflies: click them to clear fruits of a specific color Cannon: click it to give those pirates a taste of their own medicine Bonus options in Stone Stacker levels: Hammer: click it to smash stones that are in your way Wild Stones: click them to match with any other stone
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