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Mosaic - Tomb of Mystery
By Gamehouse


Game objective

Pick up shapes with your left mouse button and fill the board with shapes to complete the level.

Game controls

Pick up shapes with your left mouse button.
Rotate the shapes using your spacebar (or middle mouse wheel).
To remove a piece, drop it onto the Crusher below.
Remember to keep dropping unwanted shapes onto the Crusher and that placing larger shapes on the board earns more points than placing smaller ones.

Score and bonuses

You can score between 200 and 2,100 points, depending on how many pieces make up the shape.
1-piece shape = 100
2-piece shape = 300
3-piece shape = 600
4-piece shape = 1,000
5-piece shape = 1,500
6-piece shape = 2,100

You score 1,000 points when you completely clear the field where the shapes are dropping down.
Bonus shapes (highlighted in green) will earn you 1,000 extra points.
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