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This game will no longer be available on AOL Games as of June 12, 2017. Please use any in-game purchases for this game prior to this date. They will no longer be available once this game is removed. Visit for other online games!

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Mysteryville 2
By Gamehouse


Brave and talented journalist Laura Winner returns to the small town that everyone remembers from the award-winning hidden-object crime adventure Mysteryville. And once again she finds herself at the epicenter of a scandal. Her plans to take a vacation and relax with her friend Bill Witowsky are ruined when she arrives to find that Bill is missing. She starts her own investigation and also discovers that the town’s new priest is about to organize an art and jewelry auction, something rather unusual for this small rural hamlet. Could Bill's disappearance be somehow linked to the auction? It's up to Laura to find out. Search for and find all the clues to help you solve the case. Pieces of paper become important evidence, and a mysterious anagram will help direct your investigation. The most important thing is not to waste any time, since Mysteryville won’t be safe until you solve the case of Bill’s disappearance. Will Laura figure out what is actually happening in this small rural town and close the case?
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