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My Kingdom for the Princess
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Remove obstructions and construct new buildings to reach the goal of each level. The objectives of each level are mentioned at the top of the screen. Reach those goals before you run out of time, to advance to the next level.

Game controls

In order to progress within the game, you need to gather resources, remove obstacles and construct buildings:
  • gather resources: left click a resource to send a worker to pick it up and bring it back to your shack or cottage.
  • remove obstacles: left click the obstruction so a worker can go there. When you remove fallen trees and branches, they will automatically turn into a resource: wood.
  • construct buildings: left click the building to construct it. Many levels have abandoned structures. Repair them by left clicking them and they are yours.

    After finishing their work, workers automatically return to your shack or cottage.

    You will not always have enough provisions, so you will need to gather resources and construct buildings like a farm. Move your mouse over obstacles and buildings to see which resources you need to remove or build them.

    If you complete a level before nightfall, you'll automatically expand your castle. Nightfall comes when the time indicator on the left changes color. If you finish a level after evening comes, you can replay the level if you want to. You can do so by selecting the level on the world map.


    There is a bonus indicator at the bottom of the screen which fills up over time. When it reaches one of the icons, you can use the corresponding bonus by clicking it.
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