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Party Down
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Make sure your guests enjoy the party and don't get bored. Give them food and drinks, let them chat and show them the way to the dance floor.

Game controls

The bubbles above the head of visitors show you what they want. Just left click the guest and drag them to the place they want to be. If they order food or drinks, you can left click the specific food or drink and then left click the visitor to deliver it.

Keep an eye on the clock and the tip meter. Earn at least enough tip money to receive the bronze star before time runs out.

If you ever pick up the wrong dish to serve a guest you can throw it in the trash bin. And note: you cannot serve a guest anything if there are dirty dishes in front of them. So pick up dirty dishes and throw them in the trash bin as well.

The bubbles of your guests can contain the following items:
  • pillow: drag the visitor to the couch with the corresponding colored pillows.
  • food: left click the dish your guest is asking for. Make sure you also clean the dirty dishes by left clicking them and then clicking the bin.
  • drinks: click on the drink at the bar. Be sure to pick up the empty glass and throw it in the trash bin.
  • dancing people: drag the visitor to the dance floor.
  • clothes/money/basketball/camera: these are your visitor's favourite subjects to chat about. Drag them to a mat and drag another guest with the same interest to the same mat. Up to four people can talk in one conversation area.

    Your staff can talk with anyone who has a conversation bubble over their head. Drag such a guest to one the VIP chairs and drag one of your employees to the other VIP chair. Guests can talk with any member of your team. Make sure you finish all VIP conversations, shown at the bottom of the screen, before time runs out. Also, keep your team happy by giving them all a chance to chat.


    Pay attention to the green meter around the bubbles. It shows the mood of your guests. If you get them what they want before the meter falls, you will earn more tips.
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