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Gin Rummy
By Masque Publishing


Play the classic card game of Gin Rummy free online at In this modern update of 18th century Whiskey Poker, your goal is to score higher than your opponent to win. In your 10-card hand, form melds of three or more cards in either a run of the same suit (a sequence) or a group of the same value (number or face card). Try to keep your deadwood (un-melded cards) to a minimum, which will allow you to knock when those cards total less than 10 points. By knocking, the hand is over and you will be given points for any of your opponents’ deadwood, while forfeiting points for your own deadwood. If you can get all your cards melded, yell “Gin” and win the round without any deductions. CHEATS & TIPS: Let Opportunity Knock: When opportunity knocks, answer as often as possible. This is true in life and Gin Rummy, since holding out for “Gin” may cost you in the long run. Don’t let the temptation for extra points get the better of you by putting off a chance to knock. Remember, the more you knock, the more points you accumulate. Don’t Welcome Rejects: Another truism of both life and Gin Rummy. When selecting which pile to draw from, stock or discard, try not to select from the discard pile unless you know you’ll form a meld as a result. Be cognizant of which cards you’re willing to risk losing if you can’t meld them. Lower is always better. Stay on the Straight and Narrow: If you hope to form a run of consecutive cards, it is much better to tack on at the beginning or end than in the middle. For instance, if you have an 8 and a 9, it makes sense to hold out for a 7 or a 10 to complete the run. But if you have an 8 and a 10, you’re half as likely to pick up the 9 you’ll need. Also, build triangle groups whenever possible--7 of hearts, 7 of diamonds, 8 of diamonds--this will give you twice the chance of forming a meld (in this case a group of 7’s or a run of 6-7-8 or 7-8-9 of diamonds.)
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