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Crazy 8's
By Masque Publishing


Crazy 8's, available to play for free on, is a fast-paced playing card game that will make you want to follow suit. The card game that inspired the sensation UNO, Crazy 8 sees players whip down cards that follow either the suit or value of the last card played. As rounds heat up, players lucky enough to draw an 8-card have the opportunity to change the current suit and pick which color card the next player must put down. The first player to run out of cards wins. Looking for Reverse, Skip, Draw 2, Draw 4, Wilds, and a bigger deck? CHEATS & TIPS Start Higher, End Better: As rounds progress, eliminate your higher cards (high number and face cards) first. The lower your card values at the end, the better off you’ll be if you aren’t the winner. For example, if you’re matching a “square” suit and you can use a 4 or a Queen, go with the Queen first. If possible, keep at least one card of each suit to better your chances of getting rid of them all at the end. Wait on the 8: Although it’s tempting to throw down your crazy 8 to catch the next player off guard, it isn’t wise to jump on the crazy train early on. You don’t know whether you’ll get another 8, so save it for when an opponent is running out of cards and throw a wrench in their plans. This also gives more time to gauge which cards the player has drawn, so you’ll know which suit/color to play when you drop the crazy 8 bomb. Drive Crazy 8-ers Crazier: Be aware of the suit and color the last Crazy 8-er called out and try to change the suit as soon as you can. Generally, players use the 8-card suit/color call to clear the cards they have the most of. Switch the suit on them to lower their chance to lose their remaining cards.
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