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Globespotter: A World of Difference
By Masque Publishing


Find differences as you travel the world to amazing and exotic locations like Hawaii, Japan, Ireland, Australia, and many more! Take in an array of beautiful and diverse landscapes. But all along your sightseeing adventure you may notice slight differences in the sceneries… find all the differences in each location to advance further in your trip around the globe! Each location includes ten photos, and you can replay any photo in the current location as many times as you wish. Almost anything could be a difference, including patterns, colors, shapes, missing features, and animations. Click carefully – sometimes the differences are small! Up to three hints may be used in each photo, but you’ll earn the most points if you can find all the differences on your own. Your leaderboard score is calculated when you decide to travel to a new destination – each location is a new adventure! Complete the entire set to earn a World Tour!
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