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Blackjack Single Deck
By Masque Publishing


Single Deck Blackjack is considered the standard for 21 in casinos worldwide, and we've brought the best of the casino right to your computer screen! At Masque Publishing, we make not only computer games, but also the real table games you play in the casino. We know Blackjack! Our Single Deck Blackjack also features SIMULTANEOUS PLAY, which allows you to request a card without waiting for other players at the table. The odds are exactly the same, but you get to play more hands! Single Deck Blackjack is played using traditional downtown Las Vegas rules: • HIT to take another card to get as close to 21 without going over • STAND when you don't want another card • SPLIT on any two identical cards to increase your wager and turn one hand into two • DOUBLE on any two cards in your hand to increase your wager and receive one more card, including DOUBLE after SPLIT • INSURANCE pays when you accept the wager and the dealer has a Blackjack with a down card 10, J, Q, or K • The dealer must hit to 17. You win any time your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer without busting (going over 21). The J, Q, and K cards are always ranked as 10 and the A cards are ranked as both 1 and 11. TIP: Simplified basic strategy recommends HIT any time the dealer's up card is ranked 7 or higher and your hand is ranked 16 or lower, DOUBLE when your two cards add up to 10 or 11, and always split A and 8.
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