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Burger Shop
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

There are 3 types of game modes:
  • Career Mode: Your goal is to get customers their orders as quickly as possible. You win a level if you have reached the daily goal. Make sure to keep your customers happy!
  • Challenge Mode: Your goal is to make as much money as you can by serving food to customers in one-minute rounds. The challenge is over when any customer gets too impatient and leaves your restaurant.
  • Relax Mode: You can serve food for as long as you want without any pressure or stress. Your customers will never leave, so take as long as you want to serve them.

    Game controls

    To make a sandwich or any other item, left-click on a required ingredient on the conveyor belt. You can click on ingredients in any order. Keep clicking on ingredients until you have completed the sandwich the customer requested. To deliver a sandwich, simply drag it to the customer's order and left-click.

    There is a faster way to deliver orders. Once you have completed a food item, you can right-click to automatically send it to a customer without dragging it there.

    Sometimes you may make a mistake or make something that no one wants. Do not stress, you can simply recycle it. Drag the unwanted items to the recycle bin to recycle them.

    There are several machines in the game, which you need to use to complete customer orders. In order to use the machines, grab an empty cup from the conveyor belt and put it in the correct machine. When it's done, you can give it to the customer. If there's a full cup in the machine, you can swap it with an empty one to work a bit faster.


  • BurgerBot: You can use BurgerBot to make a customer's order instead of having to go to all that trouble yourself. To activate BurgerBot, you need to make tips quickly. Every tip will add to BurgerBot's tip meter, but the meter ticks down over time, so keep making those tips! Fill the meter and BurgerBot will activate. To use BurgerBot click on it first. Then click on the customer's order.
  • Speed powerup: Deliver an item with the Speed Powerup and all of the machines will operate super quickly for a while.
  • Cookies: When you give a cookie to a customer, it makes the customer happier. This is useful when someone is about to leave. Pick up the cookies and click on the customer's order bubble. You can put the cookies back on their table or even give more cookies to the same customer. Right-click to return the tray automatically. It's also possible to use cookies to get perfect tips.
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