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Wandering Willows
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Complete tasks to acquire and fix each part of your balloon and leave the island. Talk to people to receive and finish tasks.

Game controls

You can move around by left clicking the ground you'd like to go to. You can also hold the left mouse button down as you move.

A question mark above a person means the person has a task for you. Click the person to receive a new task or to finish one. Dots mean that you are doing a task for a character but do not have all the items needed. Completing tasks for people earns you friendship with that person. You can also give gifts to people by dragging and dropping items on top of them. You will receive double the friendship for items they like. When your friendship levels up with a person, you will receive a friendship reward.

The map shows you where you are and where other people are. People who want to talk appear as a yellow star. Move your mouse over a star to see who it is. Click the star to move to that person directly.

In order to complete tasks, you need to:
  • harvest plants: click the soil to plant a seed. Then click the seed you'd like to plant. When the plant needs water, click it. Let the plant grow. Try exploring a bit while it's growing. Click the plant to harvest it.
  • pick fruit: click on fruit in a tree. Your pet will knock the fruit down from the tree. Click the fruit to pick it up.
  • dig up dirt: click a mound of dirt to dig it up. Click the product to pick it up. Dye and onions are some of the things you may find.
  • charm animals: click and hold down the mouse button to have your pet call to a wild animal. Do this until the wild animal's charm meter fills up. When an animal becomes charmed, it will drop items like gems or wool.

Knocking down fruit, digging up dirt and charming other animals makes your pet hungry. If your pet runs out of energy, he won't be very good at climbing, digging or charming. Feed your pet to give him more energy. Click your Inventory in the bottom left corner. Select food and drag it to your pet. Drop it on your pet to feed it. Cooked items give your pet more energy than raw items.

The more your pet climbs and digs, the better he gets. In the left upper corner you can see your pet's levels.

The bar at the top of the screen shows you what you need to do. It's also a shortcut for cooking and sewing. Next to your Inventory is your Recipe & Pattern Book. Here you can also check which ingredients you need to make a specific product.

Some products you need to complete a task, are only available in a store. Click the store to see which products they offer. Click the product you'd like to purchase. Make sure you have enough willowbees. If you don't have enough willowbees, you can sell products in the store. You also earn willowbees by completing tasks.
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