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By Gamehouse


Game objective

Fill the urns with triangles; the gate will open when all the urns are full.

Game controls

Use your mouse to click on groups of 3 or more triangles of the same color to remove them from play. Rotate the gate using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Score and bonuses

Groups of: 3 triangles = 100 points 4 triangles = 200 points 5 triangles = 400 points 6 triangles = 600 points
You receive 100 points for every empty line at the end of a level
Bomb Bonus: 1,000 points for every bomb remaining at the end of a level Scarab Bonus: 5,000 points for every scarab remaining at the end of a level; 10,000 for two scarabs; 30,000 for three; 50,000 for four. Wheel Bonus: 15,000 points for removing a hexagon wheel made up of triangles of the same color.
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