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Fitness Dash
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Managing a fitness center is all about providing the customers with the workout services they need. Your customers will lose hearts if they are waiting for too long. If they run out of hearts, they leave and you lose money.

The goals of the different game modes:
  • Story Mode: reach every day's goal in order to advance to the next level
  • Endless Mode: lose 5 customers and the game is over

    Game controls

    Left click to drag customers to the right workout machine according to their fitness needs:
  • Treadmill: the Treadmill is perfect for Cardio training. The EKG icon near the customer means the customer would like a Cardio workout
  • Bench Press: put the customer on the Bench Press for a Strength workout. The Barbell icon means the customer wants a Strength training
  • Rowing machine: the rowing machine provides both Cardio and Strength training at the same time
  • Stretching Mat: if there are no free machines, you can send a customer to the stretching mat

    As the customer is working out, the icon will fill up. The customer's goal is to fill all icons up completely.

    You can help customers during a workout:
  • towel: if the customer needs a towel, you can pick one up from the Towel Station and deliver it to the customer. Take the dirty towel back to the Towel Station to get it washed. It's important to wash the towels, so you don't run out. When someone is spraying sweat, give them an extra towel quickly
  • water bottle: pick up water bottles to give your customers a mood boost. Pick empty water bottles up and recycle them at the Water Station. The Water Station refills the bottles. It'll run out of bottles if you don't recycle them
  • personal training: click on a customer to give him or her a personal training. They will workout faster then!
  • juice: pick up some juice if someone asks for it. Note: you cannot pick it up until someone asks for it

    After a customer is finished, the machine will be a bit dirty. No one wants to use a dirty machine! Click on it to have Jo clean it.

    When the customers have completed training, drag them to the shower. After taking a shower, customers pay automatically. The happier customers are, the more they pay!


    If possible, match the color of the customer with the color of the mat beneath the machine for bonus points.

    Perform the same kind of actions in a row for a chain bonus.
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