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Dairy Dash
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Feed the animals and harvest milk and eggs. Grow vegetables, work until the rooster crows and drink some lemonade if you're out of energy. Meet every day's goal in order to advance to the next level.

Game controls

The icon above an animal's head will show you their needs. Left click the item an animal wants and then left click the animal to give the item. After eating and drinking, the animals will make produce for you. Click on the animals to gather the produce. Click on the produce to store it in the shed.

In case you pick up unneeded water or feed, you can click the compost bin to recycle it.

When cows are hungry, you have to give them hay. Click on the feed and click on the processing machine to process it. You can then click on the portion to pick it up. Click on the cow to give the hay.

Click on the soil patch to weed it. When the soil is ready, you can click on the workshop to get tomato seeds. Click on the soil to sow the seeds.

When Mrs. Smith comes in to help: don't worry about which character does each task. The closest free character will perform the action.


By doing similar actions in a row, you will earn chaining bonuses.

Click on the phone when it rings. You'll get double points for producing the order of the customer.

Click on the lemonade machine to make lemonade. When it's done, two glasses of lemonade will be ready to drink. Click on the machine to have one of the characters drink a glass and gain an energy boost.
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