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This game will no longer be available on AOL Games as of June 12, 2017. Please use any in-game purchases for this game prior to this date. They will no longer be available once this game is removed. Visit for other online games!

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Cooking Dash
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Prepare the food your customers order and serve them before they get impatient. Collect your payment so you can buy upgrades in the shop.

Goals for the specific game modes:
  • story mode: reach the target amount of money to win a level.
  • endless mode: stars represent the number of customers you can lose before the shift ends. Once you have lost all stars, the game is over.

    Game controls

    Left click and drag customers to place them at the counter. Release the mouse button to seat a customer. If customers have to wait too long, they will get upset and leave.

    Wait until the customer is ready to order. Prepare the food or drink the customer ordered. You can do this by clicking on the specific food or drink. Granny helps you with the sandwiches, but you have to do the rest yourself. Wait until the food or drink is ready, click it to pick it up and click on the customer to deliver the order. Note that cooked foods need to be picked up before they burn!

    When the customer is done eating, you can click on her to deliver the check. The happier your customers are, the bigger the tip!

    Click to pick up dirty dishes and click on the trash bin to drop them off. Be sure the place is clear with no dirty dishes left behind, otherwise new customers can't sit down.


    Try to match customers' colors to their seats for a bonus. Move your mouse up and down to rearrange the customers to the right color seats.

    When you do the same action in a row, you get a chain bonus.

    Use the money you have earned to buy upgrades in the shop. Click the upgrade you'd like and then click 'Buy' to buy the upgrade.

    Serve customers as quickly as possible and they might order a dessert!
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