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Lucy's Expedition
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Help your team recover the most valuable artifacts before the sun sets. Meters show you where the most valuable artifacts are buried. Stars represent artifacts. Dig up enough artifacts to meet your daily funding goal.

Game controls

The bubbles above working areas tell you what you have to do, e.g. a displayed shovel means you have to dig. Drag your workers to the requested areas, so they can start working.

While your workers are busy, you have time for Lucy to check out new areas. Click on the blue flag to let Lucy examine the area.

If you've found an artifact, click on it to have Lucy study it. She needs tools to clean and examine the artifact. Click the requested tools and deliver them to Lucy. You can deliver two items at the same time.

When workers get thirsty or hungry, click on the item they are requesting to make assistant Hannah pick it up. Then click on the worker requesting the item to deliver the food or water.

Gneaugood steals artifacts, food, tools and hypnotizes workers. Click on Gneaugood to make him go away. If Gneaugood hypnotizes your workers, wake them up by giving a first aid kit.


There are several possibilities to get some extra funding:
  • upgrades: upgrades help your team work better and faster.
  • bonus game: at the end of each day, take time to organize your documents. Match cards to clear the board. You can mismatch four times before the game is over.
  • delivery of items: try to deliver items as quickly as possible or deliver two items in one trip for extra funding.
  • workers: two workers can simultaneously work in one area, which makes the digging go faster. Workers wearing the same colored clothes like to work together. Match them up to earn a bonus.
  • artifacts: find all artifacts in one level for a bonus.
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