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This game will no longer be available on AOL Games as of June 12, 2017. Please use any in-game purchases for this game prior to this date. They will no longer be available once this game is removed. Visit for other online games!

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Bouncing Balls
By Exoot Sdn. Bhd.


Play Bouncing Balls, an addictive match-3 arcade game, free online at Click to launch each colored ball into groups of three or more of the same color to clear the boards. Every time you clear a group of balls with extra color balls tacked onto the bottom, the extra balls will fall along with the group for extra points. Keep your precision sharp and your reflexes in check to get through the board before the balls reach the bottom of the screen and it’s game over. CHEATS & TIPS Be a Wallflower: If you’re having a tough time clearing a pesky group of balls, use physics. Launch toward the side walls of the board to bounce. This approach offers to have a better shot of clearing the balls above the tough zone and eliminating the risk of them hitting the bottom. Speed Trumps Accuracy: The colors are limited to red, yellow, and blue, so the chances that you’ll get the color you need quickly are very high. Don’t be afraid to send up a few ‘wrong’ colored balls if you know you’ll be able to clear them with a group above. In this game, it’s a race to finish before the top of the screen comes down on you. Three’s Less Than a Crowd: Always keep your eyes peeled for the greatest possible clearing opportunity. Look for groups of three or more balls in place on the board already, and focus on hitting those first. You’ll utilize your limited time most effectively and not getting stuck making twice the effort to clear smaller groups of only three.
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