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This game will no longer be available on AOL Games as of June 12, 2017. Please use any in-game purchases for this game prior to this date. They will no longer be available once this game is removed. Visit for other online games!

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By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Swap tokens and make matches. As you make matches fragments of the board will illuminate. To progress to the next level you need to light up the whole board.

Game controls

The online version of this game has three different game modes:
  • Temple of Isis: swap tokens to make 3 or more in a row and light up the board.
  • Temple of Toth: keep swapping tokens until each token on the board is a part of a highlighted group of a matching color. The swap doesn't have to make a match, and the tokens don't have to be connected to each other.
  • Temple of Anubis: drag your mouse over connected tokens to match 3 or more in a row.

    The game starts with the Temple of Isis. Finish 2 levels to unlock the Temple of Toth. After 2 levels in the Temple of Toth, you can unlock the Temple of Anubis.

    If you're stuck in a level, you can use the shuffle power. This power will recharge, but if you use it more often within a level, it will take longer to regenerate.


    Every 5 moves Khufu will charge one of your tokens with explosive power. You can use it to destroy obstacles and finish the level faster.

    Matching more than 3 items throws the tokens to the floor where their power can be collected by Sweeper the scarab. This allows Khufu to cast helpful spells.

    You can score more by making combos and longer matches. Make many moves in a short period of time in order to make a combo.
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