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Farm Frenzy 3
By Gamehouse


Goal of the game

Keep your animals well-fed (and safe from lions) and sell your farm products at the market. Use your earnings to upgrade your farm and increase your productivity. Meet every day's goal in order to advance to the next level.

Game controls

You need to grow grass so your animals won't die of hunger. Left click the ground to make the grass grow. Growing grass will cost you water. If the well is empty, left click on it to buy water.

Left click on the products your animals leave on the ground to collect them. They will be dispatched to the warehouse automatically, unless your warehouse is full. In order to empty the warehouse, left click it and choose to sell some or all of your products. When your truck returns, you collect your payment automatically.

When you need specific products you can't produce yourself, you can buy them in the city. Click the helicopter and choose the goods you'd like to buy. When the helicopter returns, it will drop the goods. Left click all products to store them in your warehouse, so you can use them.

You can purchase extra animals in the game screen. Sometimes you need to buy certain buildings in order to start a new level. Go to the shop to purchase these buildings.

If your buildings aren't constructed at the beginning of a level, you first need to collect enough money to construct the buildings. When you have enough money, left click on the sign near the building sign. Once they're built, you can left click on buildings to start processing specific products. You can only process products which are in the warehouse. In order to upgrade buildings, left click on the sign again.

These animals are available in the online version of this game:
  • guinea bird; guinea birds eat grass and lay eggs
  • ostrich; ostriches eat grass and produce feathers
  • lion; lions throw your animals off screen and spoil products. Left click lions several times to catch them and put them in a cage

    These buildings are available in the online version of this game:
  • powder factory; makes powder from your eggs
  • bakery; the bakery turns egg powder into buns
  • incubator; the incubator produces animals from eggs
  • confectionary; the confectionery produces cakes from buns


    If you need more money to buy animals or buildings, you can sell your products on the market.

    You can also sell lions on the market. Click on the cage after you captured a lion in order to dispatch it to the warehouse and sell it.
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