8 Complete Dinners You Can Make In a Skillet

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One-pot meals are the ideal way to cook a quick weeknight dinner. Not only do you have fewer dishes to clean up afterwards, but cooking and preparation time is minimized. When everything is cooked in one pot, a simple and easy dinner can be made in no time at all. While we love crock-pot meals and hearty stews and soups, we can't forget about the delicious meals that can be made in a skillet.

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The skillet is sometimes an underrated kitchen tool. While you can sauté some vegetables or pan-sear a chicken breasts or filet of fish, most people don't think that there are complete dinners that can be made in a skillet. We've rounded up some skillet recipes that a must-try for your next weeknight meal.

From cheesy baked pasta recipes and a skillet cassoulet with sausage and white beans to a thin crust skillet pizza and even a skillet lasagna recipe, the complete dinners that can be made in a skillet are endless. Take a look at some of our favorite recipes.

So, next time you are planning out your weeknight dinners, don't forget about the handy skillet. It's a useful kitchen cooking tool that can be used to make some unforgettable weeknight dinners. Get creative and have fun in the kitchen — and if nothing else try a hot skillet dinner.

Check out the slideshow above for 8 recipes you can make in a skillet.

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