NFL game may have just predicted the next president

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There are old wives tales to predict whether a woman is having a boy or a girl, and if the groundhog sees it's shadow, we may be in for a longer winter.

There's a superstition for practically everything, even the presidential race.

Football fans believe the Washington Redskins football team could have just told us who the next U.S. President is.

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The Redskins Rule states that the last home game before the election foretells the winner of the election. If the home team wins, then the political party already in office remains in command, if they lose, a new party takes residence in the White House.

The Philadelphia Eagles lost on Sunday during the Redskins last home game before the Presidential election, so if tradition remains, the country will be singing "All Hail The Chief" to Hillary Clinton.

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In 1937, the team moved to Washington DC, and the Redskin Rule has been in effect since the 1940 presidential election. In the last 19 elections, the outcome of the Washington game has been accurate 17 times.

If the rule upholds this year, it will have proven to be 90% accurate, which is a better completion percentage than any quarterback in the NFL.

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