Ronald Reagan's daughter writes open letter to Hillary Clinton: 'Don't respond to Donald Trump's bullying'

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Former Reagan Aide Voices Concern Over Trump

Patti Davis, author and daughter of former president Ronald Reagan, shared her thoughts on Hillary Clinton's run for office in an open letter to the Democratic nominee.

In a note posted to her official site Wednesday, Davis urges Clinton to change the focus of her campaign from "out-bullying" Donald Trump to providing the dignity "American is starved for" this election.

"Lately it seems as if you and your running mate, Tim Kaine, are trying to out-bully Donald Trump. It appears to have started when he called you a bigot. I can understand how this would infuriate you," she writes. "But may I suggest that responding in kind by pointing out his racist tendencies is simply getting down into the mud with a mud-throwing bully? All that is accomplished is, you both get dirty."

Davis pleads with Clinton to "act like the adult here" and stop responding to Trump's "bullying."

The author then offers words of advice for the presidential candidate's upcoming debates against Trump, noting that she has heard Clinton is preparing for them by practicing with several people pretending to be Trump's many different personalities.

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"While it is true that debating Trump is bit like debating Sybil, I think it could be overwhelming to try and suss out all 16 personalities and come up with a game plan for each one," Davis writes, comparing the mogul to the character played by Sally Field in the TV miniseries Sybil, who suffers from multiple-personality disorder. "What about responding to every taunt and innuendo, every insult, with an encyclopedic knowledge of the facts and issues facing this country (and this world) today so that he will look like a buffoon no matter which one of his personalities emerges? You could easily make it seem like you showed up for a presidential debate and he showed up for a fight in the sandbox."

Davis ends the letter by recalling the first and only time she met Clinton in person, at her mother's memorial service.

"The way you looked at me after my eulogy, the pride and the understanding in your eyes and the slight nod of your head signaling your approval was a small private moment between us, but it was a huge moment in my life," it reads. "I don't think many people have seen that side of you. I think they should."

Davis concludes, "You may be debating Sybil, but the consistency, comfort and knowledge of a parent who can responsibly lead our fractured country into more peaceful times will leave Sybil chattering among 16 personalities, none of which are capable of leading."

Read the letter in full here.

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Nancy Reagan and Ronald's love story
Actor Ronald Reagan and his bride, actress Nancy Davis, smile at each other as they pose after their marriage in the Little Brown Church of the Valley in North Hollywood, Ca., March 4, 1952. (AP Photo)
Actor Ronald Reagan and his bride, actress Nancy Davis, cut their wedding cake after their marriage at the non-sectarian Little Brown Church of the Valley in North Hollywood, Ca., March 4, 1952. With them are actress Brenda Marshall, left, and her husband, actor William Holden. (AP Photo)
Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis arrive for the Screen Writers Guild Dinner at the Ambassador Hotel, Hollywood, Calif. on Feb. 22, 1951. (AP Photo/Ed Widdis)
Actor Ronald Reagan, 40, and his bride starlet Nancy Davis, go for a walk while on their honeymoon at a winter resort in Phoenix on March 6, 1952. (AP Photo/HF)
Actor Ronald Reagan and wife, Nancy, arrive for press premiere of "Imitation of Life" in Hollywood, Calif. on Feb. 18, 1959. (AP Photo/Harold Matosian)
Actor Ronald Regan and his wife Nancy, arrive for funeral services for comedian Lou Costello on March 7, 1959 in Sherman Oaks, Calif. (AP Photo)
Arriving for the West coast premiere of âCleopatraâ at Pentagon Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles on June 19, 1963 are, left to right. Actor Ronald Reagan and wife actress Nancy Davis. (AP Photo)
Actor Ronald Reagan and his wife, actress Nancy Davis, discuss the merits of a tractor on their 305 acre ranch in the Santa Monica, California, mountains on April 8, 1965. He raises thoroughbreds on the ranch, selling them for five to six thousand dollars. Heâs also on the board of directors of International Holding Corp. and coastal Life Insurance Co. Should he accept the challenge to run for governor of California, and win, it would mean a financial setback for him. âThatâs something I would have to face,â he says. (AP Photo)
Actor Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy enter voting booths at Los Angeles on June 7, 1966 for California's primary election. Reagan is a candidate, seeking the Republican nomination for governor. It's his first try for elected political office. His principal opponent for the GOP nomination is former San Francisco Mayor George Christopher. (AP Photo/Ellis Bosworth)
Ronald Reagan and his wife, actress Nancy Davis, acknowledge victory for the Republican nomination for governor of California on June 8, 1966 in Los Angeles at The Ambassador Hotel. The 54-year-old actor promised a campaign calculated to win votes from both Democrats and Republicans. Reagan easily defeated George Christopher of San Francisco for the GOP nomination. Actor Cesar Romero is at far left. (AP Photo/Ed Widdis)
Ronald Reagan, Republican candidate for governor California, and his wife Nancy and son Ron Jr., 8, sit on a ranch fence talking with newsmen before the start of a state-wide political telecast that featured him and other GOP candidates for California political office. The telecast originated from the Reagan's 305-acre ranch in the Malibu Hills near Los Angeles on Oct. 16, 1966. (AP Photo/Harold Filan)
Ronald Reagan with his wife, Nancy, as they settle down in their Pacific Palisades home in Los Angeles on Nov. 8, 1966 to await the returns which will determine whether he will be California's next governor. Reagan, a Republican, is trying to unseat Democratic Gov. Edmund G. Brown. (AP Photo/David F. Smith)
Victorious Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, acknowledge the ovation from the crowd at Republican headquarters in the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on Nov. 9, 1966 after election results showed Reagan the victor in the battle for the California governorship. Reagan defeated Democrat Edmund G. Brown, who sought his third term in the office. (AP Photo/ Ed Widdis)
Ronald Reagan, in his first months as California's new governor, hugs his wife Nancy in his Sacramento office in April of 1967. Nancy Reagan was in his capitol office advising workmen doing redecorating when this photo was taken. (AP Photo/stf/Walt Zebowski
Governor-elect Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy Reagan, and two children tour their new home, the Executive Mansion, after their arrival in Sacramento, Calif., Jan. 1, 1967. Reagan will be sworn-in as California's new governor in a post-midnight ceremony tonight. From left are, Reagan, Patricia, 13, Nancy, and Ronald Jr., 8. (AP Photo/Walt Zeboski)
Nancy Reagan, California's new first lady, brushes away a tear early, Jan. 2, 1967 in Sacramento, Calif., after her husband was sworn in as the state's 33rd governor. Gov. Ronald Reagan took the oath of office in Sacramento's capitol rotunda in post-midnight ceremony. (AP Photo)
Nancy Reagan gives a bronze bust of her husband, Gov. Ronald Reagan, a pat on the head as he looks on in his office in Sacramento, Calif., on Feb. 28, 1967. The bust was done by Los Angeles sculptor John Staley and presented to Mrs. Reagan by the Los Angeles Downtown Optimist Club in Commemoration of its 15th anniversary. Staley is a member of the club. (AP Photo/Walt Zeboski)
With his wife, Nancy, at his side, Gov. Ronald Reagan waves to the crowd that gathered on August 5, 1967 in Santa Monica, Calif., to watch him leave St. John's Hospital where he underwent surgery earlier in the week for removal of small stones obstructing the bladder. Reagan planned to spend several weeks recuperating at his home in Pacific Palisades before returning to Sacramento. (AP Photo/David F. Smith)
California Gov. Ronald Reagan whispers a couple of words to his wife, Nancy before the start of a fund-raising dinner in Chicago May 21, 1968. (AP Photo/Larry Stoddard )
Hand-holding couple at the Republican Gala on August 4, 1968 in Miami Beach, Fla., are California Gov. Ronald Reagan and Mrs.Nancy Reagan. They were among hundreds at $500-a-plate dinner at Republican headquarters hotel. (AP Photo)
Like typical race fans, Gov. Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy excitedly follow the progress of a horse running in the sixth race of the Kentucky Derby program in Louisville, Ky., on May 3, 1969. President Richard Nixon and wife, Pat, are alongside the Reagans in first row of box. (AP Photo)
California Gov. Ronald Reagan with wife Nancy and Lt. Gov. Ed Reinecke with wife Jean walk hand-in-hand through the Capitol Park in Sacramento on March 10, 1970. They were on their way to a nearby hotel where Reagan announced his plans to seek a second term as the state's chief executive. (AP Photo/Walt Zeboski)
Mrs. Nancy Reagan interrupts her husband Gov. Reagan while he was voting on June 2, 1970 on Pacific Palisades, California, in the primary election to ask how she should vote on an obscure secondary issue. Ronald Reagan, seeking a second term as governor, is unopposed for the Republican nomination. He and his wife voted near their home in Pacific Palisades. (AP Photo/Harold Filan)
California Gov. and Mrs. Ronald Reagan take a cooling-off dip in the Atlantic while in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sunday, Sept. 13, 1971 for the 63rd National Governor's Conference. Mrs. Reagan hold her hat to keep it from blowing away in the breeze. (AP Photo/J. Spencer Jones)
California Gov. Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy greet a group of U.S. Airmen at Saigon's Tan Son Nhut Airbase, Friday, Oct. 15, 1971 in Vietnam. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)
Republican Ronald Reagan, right, stands beside his wife Nancy in Washington Thursday, Nov. 20, 1975, as he announces his candidacy for the White House. (AP Photo)
Ronald Reagan, and his wife, Nancy, deplane at Manchester at night on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 1976 to motor to Concord and wait for the results of the New Hampshire primary in which he is challenging President Gerald Ford on the republican ticket. (AP Photo/Robert Child)
FILE - In this June 28, 1976, file photo Ronald Reagan poses with his horse before taking a ride around his ranch, Rancho del Cielo, near Santa Barbara, Calif. At left, first lady Nancy Reagan. After becoming president Reagan frequently flew cross-country on Air Force One to his beloved California ranch, where he could chop wood and clear brush. There just wasn't enough physical labor, he said, at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland's mountains, a short helicopter ride from the White House. (AP Photo, File)
Ronald Reagan laughs as he embraces his wife, Nancy, during a reception for uncommitted Republican delegates at a Chicago Hotel on Thursday, July 8, 1976 in Chicago. Reagan was surprised when he encountered his wife, who had been talking with delegates from Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. (AP Photo)
Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan shares the podium with his wife Nancy as they both answered questions from delegates as reception at night on Thursday, July 16, 1976 in Harrisburg, Pa. Reagan spent the day in Harrisburg seeking the support of Pennsylvania delegates bound for the Republican convention. (AP Photo)
Taca, the pet husky of Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy, was the center of attention as they relaxed on the lawn outside their ranch home near Santa Barbara, Calif., Monday, July 27, 1976. (AP Photo/Walter Zeboski)
Ronald Reagan took his wife Nancy for a canoe ride on a pond at their mountain top ranch near Santa Barbara, Calif., Monday, July 27, 1976, after announcing in Los Angeles that he had selected liberal Republican U.S. Sen. Richard S. Schweiker as his vice presidential running mate if nominated at the GOP National Convention in Kansas City next month. (AP Photo/Walter Zeboski)
Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan relax aboard their chartered jet airline on their way to Los Angeles Saturday, August 7, 1976, after winding up a campaign tour for delegate vote that took them to five states in four days. This was Reagan's last campaign tour before the Republican National Convention. (AP Photo/ Walter Zeboski)
Former California Gov. Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Nancy Reagan leave a Washington hotel Sunday, Feb. 7, 1977 for a private birthday party. Reagan, one-time candidate for the Republican presidential nomination is celebrating his 66th birthday. (AP Photo/ Jeff Taylor)
Ronald Reagan, former governor of California, center, adjusts headset in a helicopter before taking a ride to have an aerial view of Hong Kong, Saturday, April 27, 1978, Hong Kong, China. Sitting next to him is Mrs. Nancy Reagan. The couple arrived from Taipei Friday for a private visit. They leave for Tehran at night on Saturday. (AP Photo/Dfung)
Former Gov. of California Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, wave from the top of the ramp in Los Angeles, August 15, 1976, just before their chartered flight left for Kansas City and the Republican Convention, where Reagan is seeking the nomination for the Republican candidacy for the President of the United States. At right is son Mike Reagan and his wife also on the flight. (AP Photo/David F. Smith)
Former California Gov. Ronald Reagan, right, and Mrs. Reagan , center, react as Mrs. Frank Sinatra, left, sits down alongside them at a fund-raising affair, Friday, Nov. 3, 1979 in Boston. Reagan is one of several Republicans running for the presidential nomination. (AP Photo/Paul Benoit)
Ronald Reagan attempting to pull one of the candles from his birthday cake, pulls a chunk of the cake along with the candle to the surprise of himself and his wife Nancy. Reagan, who celebrated his 69th birthday in Anderson Wednesday, was presented the cake during a campaign stop in Anderson, South Carolina. (AP Photo/Lou Krasky
Ronald Reagan attends a news conference with wife Nancy following the Massachusetts and Vermont primaries in Los Angeles on March 4, 1980. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)
The wife of presidential hopeful Ronald Reagan, Nancy, brushes his face after their arrival at National Airport in Washington on Friday, May 16, 1980. (AP Photo/Harvey Georges)
GOP Presidential hopeful Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy make their way down the aisle of their campaign jet en route from New York to Chicago, June 20, 1980, to serve a birthday cake to a Reagan campaign staffer. Reagan came to Chicago for a series of meetings with advisers and a GOP Unity Reception. (AP Photo/Walt Zeboski)
Republican presidential hopeful Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy chat with Jennie Petk, 8 and her brother Eddie, 6, after autographing a photo on a flight into Los Angeles International Airport Friday, June 21,1980, from Chicago. The children's father Edward Petk, of Plainfield, Illinois, is a Reagan delegate. Jeannie sent up a note to first class saying "I know you are tired and hope this letter will make you happy. I love you, God bless you, Jeannie Petka." Reagan then invited the children to visit. (AP Photo/Walt Zeboski)
Former Gov. Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, wave goodbye to crowd of newsmen Monday, July 14, 1980 in Los Angeles as he headed for the Republican National Convention in Detroit. With his nomination virtually assured, Reagan said, "I don't know," when asked who would be his running mate. (AP Photo/Wally Fong)
Republican presidential nominee Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy smile upon their arrival at Dulles International Airport outside Washington on Thursday, August 28, 1980. The Reaganâs are headed for their newly rented country home on Rattlesnake Ridge in Middleburg Virginia which will be their east coast base until the election. (AP Photo)
Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy ride around their new property in Middleburg, Va., on Sunday, August 31, 1980 after attending service in nearby Upperville, Va. The Reaganâs will be living on the estate during the campaign months. (AP Photo/Walt Zaboski)
Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan points to his watch at the Sioux Falls, airport Tuesday, Oct. 15, 1980 to tell the beckoning crowd he was late and could not come and shake hands. He had arrived about an hour and a half late from Idaho Falls, Idaho. At right is wife Nancy Reagan. (AP Photo/Zeboski)
President-elect Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy have a laugh while he talks on telephone from hotel suite in Los Angeles, Nov. 4, 1980. Reagan defeated President Jimmy Carter in the Tuesday election. (AP Photo)
President elect Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy leave the White House in Washington after their tour Saturday, Dec. 13, 1980. The Reagan's departed for Andrews Air Force Base, Md., for their trip to Los Angeles. (AP Photo)
President-elect Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy take a tour of the presidential aircraft just prior to takeoff enroute to Washington on Wednesday, Jan. 14, 1981. The two pictures hanging on the partition show President Carter and first lady Rosalynn, left, and President Jimmy Carter embracing Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. (AP Photo)
President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan dance at an inaugural ball at the Pension Building in Washington, Jan. 20, 1981. The president and first lady were scheduled to appear at nine balls. (AP Photo)
** FILE ** Nancy Reagan watches as her husband Ronald Reagan takes the oath of office at the Capitol in this Jan. 20, 1981 file photo. Ronald Reagan was divorced, had chilly relations with some of his children and still easily won two terms as president. (AP Photo, File)
President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn meet President-elect Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy, right, at the North Portico of the White House in Washington on Jan. 20, 1981. (AP Photo)
This is the first photo showing President Ronald Reagan since he was shot on Monday released by the White House Friday afternoon. Mrs. Reagan is in the picture with the President as she was paying a visit to him at the George Washington University Medical Center today, April 3, 1981. (AP Photo/White House)
Country and Western singer Merle Haggard, right, shares a moment with U.S. President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan, during a barbecue lunch at Rancho Sierra Grande, near Santa Ynez, Calif., on March 7, 1982. (AP Photo/Charles Tasnadi)
FILE - In this June 7, 1982 file photo, U.S. President Ronald Reagan and his wife, first lady, Nancy Reagan, meet Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. (AP Photo)
Pres. Ronald Reagan, right and Nancy Reagan share a laugh during the performance of the Beach Boys at the White House, Sunday, June 12, 1983, Washington, D.C. The rock group provided entertainment for the guests and participants in the Special Olympic festivities. (AP Photo/Scott Stewart)
President Ronald Reagan embraces first lady Nancy Reagan Jan. 30, 1984 in Washington, after he announced that he will run for a second term as President. Reagan, 72, confirmed that Vice President George Bush will again be his running mate in a campaign already well underway. (AP Photo/Ira Schwarz)
President Ronald Reagan accepts an Olympic parka from Olympic gold medalist in figure skating, Scott Hamilton, at a White House ceremony on Wednesday, Feb. 29, 1984. First lady Nancy Reagan and women's giant slalom gold medal winner, Debbie Armstrong of Seattle, watch the presentation. (AP Photo/Barry Thumma)
** FILE ** In this April 23, 1984, file photo President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy take a midday break in the water at Kahala Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii. (AP Photo/Scott Stewart)
U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Nancy Reagan take time to visit the Great Wall north of Peking, Saturday, April 28, 1984. (AP Photo/Bob Daugherty)
President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan peer out of a World War II bunker in this June 6, 1984 photo, during his visit to Pointe du Hoc, France, the site of the Normandy invasion during World War II. Former President Reagan died at the age of 93, Saturday, June 5, 2004, at his home in Bel Air in Southern California. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)
President Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Nancy Reagan greet reporters on the South Lawn of the White House shortly after their return from the presidential retreat at Camp David, Md., on July 22, 1984. The Reaganâs spent the weekend at Camp David. (AP Photo/Tim Aubry)
President Ronald Reagan kisses his wife, Nancy Regan, at a Dallas hotel on August 22, 1984, after the Republican National Convention voted to nominate him for a second term in office. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
** FILE ** In this Dec. 2, 1984 black-and-white file photo, President Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan return to the White House in Washington. When George Bush lifts off in his helicopter on Inauguration Day, leaving Washington to make way for Barack Obama, he may not be the only thing disappearing into the horizon. To a number of social analysts, historians, bloggers and ordinary Americans, Jan. 20 will symbolize the passing of an entire generation: the baby boomer years. (AP Photo, File)
U.S.President Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy Reagan shown dancing at the inaugural ball on Jan. 21, 1985 in the Washington Hilton. Also with others, views of stage, etc. (AP Photo/IS)
President Ronald Reagan gestures to first lady Nancy Reagan at the inaugural ball at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum in Washington Monday January 21, 1985. President Reagan reenacted his oath of office earlier in the day in the rotunda at the Capitol Building. (AP Photo/Ira Schwarz)
President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan kiss at the completion of the presidential oath Monday in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building in Washington on Jan. 21, 1985. The ceremony took place before a select crowd inside due to cold weather which has forced cancellation of all outdoor inaugural activities. (AP Photo/Bob Daugherty)
President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan ss at a photo session at the White House in Washington on Monday, March 4, 1985 on the occasion of their 33rd wedding anniversary. President and Mrs. Reagan were married on March 4, 1952 and invited photographers assigned to the White House for a photo with a small cake. (AP Photo/Scott Applewhite)
FILE - In this July 18, 1985, file photo, President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, wave from windows of his hospital room at the Navy Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. The former first lady has died at 94, The Associated Press confirmed Sunday, March 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Scott Stewart, File)
President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan wave as they walk with their dog Rex on the South Lawn of the White House on Sunday, June 15, 1986 in Washington after returning by helicopter from Camp David, Maryland. The Reagans spent the weekend at the presidential retreat and returned to the executive mansion on Fatherâs Day. The man in the background is unidentified. (AP Photo/Scott Stewart)
President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan hold hands as they watch the start of Op Sail from Governor's Island in New York Harbor, July 4, 1986. (AP Photo/Ira Schwarz)
President Ronald Reagan points towards an entree as first lady Nancy Reagan serves the president during the annual Congressional picnic on the lawn of the White House in Washington, on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1987. (AP Photo/ J. Scott Applewhite)
U.S. President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan wave goodbye to onlookers as they leave from Washington on Sunday, July 17, 1988, for a vacation in California. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)
President Ronald Reagan hands a pen to first lady Nancy, after he signed a major antidrug bill on Friday, Nov. 18, 1988 at a White House in Washington East Room ceremony. Reagan dedicated the bill to his wife Nancy, who has led a "Just Say No" campaign among America's youth, and gave her the pen he used to sign the bill with. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)
Former President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, are shown in this 1992 photo, released to coincide with the couple's 40th wedding anniversary. The Reagan's marked their 40th year together Sunday, March 8, 1992, by renewing their wedding vows during a private ceremony attended by their children and grandchildren. (AP Photo/Merrett T Smith)
As horses graze in the background, former President Ronald Reagan, wife Nancy, and former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and wife, Raisa pose for photographs on Sunday, May 3, 1992 at Rancho del Cielo, the Reagan?s 688-acre ranch 30 miles north of Santa Barbara, Calif. (AP Photo/Bob Galbraith)
Former President Ronald Reagan gets a hug from his wife Nancy as President George H.W. Bush applauds during a ceremony at the White House on Wednesday, Jan. 13, 1993 in Washington where President Bush presented Reagan with the Medal of Freedom,. This award is the nation's highest civilian honor. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)
Former President Ronald Reagan kisses his wife Nancy during a birthday salute on a rare visit in Washington on Thursday, Feb. 3, 1994. Reagan attended a Republican dinner to observe his 83 birthday which is on Sunday, February 6, 1992. (AP Photo/Shayna Brennan)
Former President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Reagan tour the âChristmas Around the Worldâ exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 1994 in Simi Valley, Calif. The exhibit featured Christmas trees with decorations representing difference areas of the world. This marks the former Presidentâs first public appearance since being diagnosed with Alzheimerâs disease. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)
Nancy Reagan touches the casket of her husband former President Ronald Reagan as Rev. Wenning, left, comforts her at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., Monday, June 7, 2004. The remains will lie in repose through Tuesday evening. Looking on are son Ron Reagan, top right, and daughter Patti Davis, center right. (AP Photo/Bryan Chan, Pool)
Nancy Reagan reaches out to hold her son Ron's hand as she is embraced by her daughter Patti and Rev. Wenning as she and her family have a private moment around the casket of President Ronald Reagan before the public viewing period begins at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., Monday, June 7, 2004. The remains will lie in repose through Tuesday evening. (AP Photo/Bryan Chan, POOL)
Nancy Reagan is comforted by Rev. Michael Wenning at the casket of former President Ronald Reagan before the public viewing period begins at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., Monday, June 7, 2004. The remains will lie in repose through Tuesday evening. (AP Photo/Bryan Chan,Pool)
Former first lady Nancy Reagan touches the casket of her husband, former President Ronald Reagan in the Capitol Rotunda on Capitol Hill Wednesday, June 9, 2004, in Washington. (AP Photo/Peter Jones, Pool)
Former first lady Nancy Reagan pauses at the casket of her husband, former President Ronald Reagan in the Capitol Rotunda on Capitol Hill Wednesday, June 9, 2004, in Washington. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)
Nancy Reagan is comforted by her children, Ron, left, Michael, and Patti, right, after interment ceremonies at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., Friday, June 11, 2004. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)
Navy Capt. James A. Symonds, Commander of the USS Ronald Reagan, presents the flag to Nancy Reagan during interment ceremonies at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., Friday, June 11, 2004. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)
Former first lady Nancy Reagan leans over to kiss the casket of her husband former President Ronald Reagan, shortly before his body was removed from the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Friday morning June 11, 2004. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

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