Casinos, cigars and climbing gyms: Here's what your car can say about you

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Your car says a lot about you.

According to social media app Foursquare, the car you buy can reveal a great deal about what you like, where you shop and what type of person you are.

The tech company used foot-traffic data, which includes explicit "check ins" and passive location trails to accurately predict footfall, and has had success forecasting sales at McDonald's, Chipotle and Apple.

Now, the startup analyzes footfall traffic to reveal consumer insights around people who visit auto dealerships.

It has found that people who visit Nissan dealerships are especially likely to visit dry cleaners, Land Rover visitors often go to pilates and Chevrolet shoppers don't usually like Whole Foods.

Scroll through to see Four Square's analysis for what consumers' car choices said about them.

Car type can say a lot about your personality
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Car type can say a lot about your personality

Chevrolet owners are older people who are likely to recycle and eat at Tim Horton's.

- Has one of the highest 55+ demographic compared to other mass market companies (similar to Toyota)

- Chevrolet owners are 53% more likely to visit Recycling Facilities. Over-index at Tim Hortons (198%)

- People who go to Chevrolet also visit: GMC, Cadillac, Ford

- Compared to other mass market dealership - they don't really shop at Whole Foods (not even in the top 30 visited chains). They over-index at Meijer (119%) andHome Depot (20%)

- Chevrolet visitors are more likely to visit forests (93%), hunting supply shops (76%), motorcycle shops (75%) and fishing spots (74%)

Nissan shoppers are also older people who tend to like fried seafood and smoothie shops.

- Has an even 50/50 male to female ratio. Ranks the highest market visit share for ages 35-44 (19%) but their biggest market is 55+ (37%)

- More likely than the average Foursquare and Swarm user to visit dry cleaners (40%), smoothie shops (32%) and pet stores (14%)

- Over-index on tastes like fried seafood (102%) and hibachi (100%)

- People who go to Nissan also visit: Toyota, Ford, Jeep

Land Rover/Jaguar shoppers are more likely to eat tuna tarter, smoke cigars and travel.

- Of all the luxury car brands that Foursquare analyzed, Land Rover/Jaguar skews the highest for visitors between the ages of 45-54 with 16% of their total visitors in that age range

- Land Rover owners are 64% more likely to be seen at a Sculpture Garden

- People who visit Land Rover or Jaguar index high for tuna tartare (124%), cigars (111%) and strip steak (129%) and Michelin stars (121%)

- They over-index at Pilates gyms (81%), golf courses (58%), baggage claims and travel lounges (93%). They are more likely than average Foursquare and Swarm users to visit leather good stores (111%) and club houses (147%)

- People who go to Land Rover/Jaguar go to: Porsche, MINI, Mercedes-Benz Audi

Toyota owners love trails, Vietnamese food and scenic views.

- Visitors love trails (89%), outdoor seating, and Vietnamese food

- People who visit Toyota are also more likely to visit soccer fields (14%) & gymnastics gyms (24%), Bank of America (24%) compared to Chase, which is only (10%), and USPS (10%)

- Toyota owners at 82% more likely to visit places that have a scenic lookout.

- People who go to Toyota also visit: Lexus (parent company), Nissan, Mazda

Cadillac shoppers are more prone to have big hearts and rustic tastes - they're more likely to visit animal shelters and like corned beef

- Cadillac categories indicate that this group is heavy on the construction industry; construction and landscaping index high (88%), as do warehouses (63%) and shipping stores (55%)

- This group index high for "rustic" (80%) and items like corned beef and beer cheese

- Cadillac owners are 70% more likely to visit animal shelters

-People who visit Cadillac also go to: Chevrolet, GMC, Lexus, KIA, Jeep

Subaru owners are mostly male who like climbing gyms and ski resorts.


- Demographic of users tend to skew male (highest out of the 5 mass market dealerships)

- People who go to Subaru are 60% more likely than the average Foursquare and Swarm user to visit an acupuncturist and also over-index at climbing gyms and ski areas

- People who go to Subaru also visit: Volkswagen, Mazda, Kia

Hyundai shoppers are into fishing, wings and casinos.

- Visitors tend to index high for fishing spots (90%), wings joints (12%), recording studios (62%), summer camps (39%), casinos (130%)

- People who go to Hyundai also visit: Mazda, Kia, Cadillac, Nissan

Mercedes-Benz owners tend to like tennis, spa outings and eating at Michelin star restaurants.

- Similar to Land Rover/Jaguar they also have a higher end taste for food such as Michelin stars (138%), spas (21%) and prix fixe menus (87%)

- They are more likely to visit real estate offices (73%), tailor shops (70%) and nightlife spots 68%

- They love tennis (61% more likely to visit a court), surf spots (20%) and travel often (42% more likely to visit travel lounges). They over-index at embassies/consulates (46%)

- Mercedes owners index 1.2x higher than average for liking Margherita pizza

- People who visit Mercedes-Benz dealership also visit: Porsche, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen

Infiniti shoppers are younger people who like thin crust pizza, Cuban restaurants and private schools.


- Skew towards younger visitors. 39% of their total visits are ages 25-34

- Tastes: thin crust pizza, tea lemonade, pedicures, concerts, lively

- Categories: Cuban restaurants, daycares, private schools, spiritual centers

- People who visit Infiniti also go to: Lexus, Acura, BMW, Audi, Nissan


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