15 things to do on the day with no sports

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Things are going to get a little weird on Wednesday. Why, you ask?


We're not exactly sure how we're going to handle this, but here's a list of things to do on the one day during the year there aren't any sports being played.


1. Take the one night out of the year you don't have to worry about missing any games and cook your significant other dinner. This is a golden opportunity to build up brownie points for football season, which is quickly approaching.

2. Clean your apartment. All those nights you said you'd dust your place after work, only to turn on NBA League Pass are coming back to haunt you. It's time to grab the Swiffer and some Lysol. Vacuum under the couch too. It's disgusting.

3. Update your resume. Just in case. Chances are you spend your work days checking your fantasy teams and scouring the waiver wire, which probably means your boss isn't your biggest fan.

4. Lower your cable bill. No need to pay for all the NBA and NHL channels at this time. Call back in October and get them back. You might even get a discount out of it.

5. Spruce up the lawn. Instead of half-assing the landscaping duties on Saturday afternoons so you don't miss the first pitch of the 1 p.m. game, treat your lawn to a good cut -- and go over it a second time from an opposite direction to create a checkerboard pattern like you see in ballpark outfields.

6. Go for a long run. You've sat on the couch every single night for the last year. Just don't faint or get yourself sick.

7. Go see a show or a concert. Now's the time to explore the parts of SeatGeek that don't involve sports tickets.

8. Find the remote. It's understandable that you lost in during the mass hysteria of the NBA playoffs, and it's fine that you shelled out the cash for a new one on Amazon. But, dude, it's in the living room somewhere.

9. Wash your jerseys. Letting them accumulate filth, in the name of good luck, is customary to an extent. But we're in between seasons now. Do yourself and your friends a favor by eliminating the stench of defeat -- at least until opening night.

10. Become a Pokémon master.

11. Jump one step ahead of your friends and begin studying for your fantasy football draft.

12. Make your cat look like Donald Trump.

13. Pick a side in the Calvin Harris versus Taylor Swift Twitter war.

14. Get some MLB All-Star Game gear.

15. Watch every single "Die Hard" movie just because you can. Or the ESPYs. Whatever you want. #TreatYoSelf

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