Airfares to Britain and Europe drop post 'Brexit'

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Airfares to Britain and Europe Drop Post 'Brexit'

New data reveals airfare to the UK is the lowest it's been in 3 years.

The low airfare comes after the shocking Brexit vote last month as the pound continues to drop in value.

The data by travel app Hopper saw an increase in searches for London and Edinburgh airports as tourists look to take advantage of a broken EU.

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But its not just the UK - Europe in general has seen a drop in air fare most likely due to the refugee crisis, terrorist attacks and other negative news making it less attractive as a summer vacation destination.

Prices may not stay low for long though. The UK might now be excluded from the European Open Skies Agreements and stricter border controls could be put in place - both factors which would increase fares.

So book a flight - there's gotta be some single Londoner's in need of Brexit consoling.. and there's always the scones.

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